Ayurveda benefits of SALT

  • Salt enhances water absorption, maintains PH and helps in movement of nutrients between tissue fluid and cells.
  • Rock salt is also known to stabilize blood pressure and act as an anti-oxidant.
  • Rock salt also pacifies the tridoshas in ayurveda and is termed as the healthiest form of salt in ayurveda.
  • Salt is also known to soothe digestive disorders by improving appetite, removing gas, and soothing heart burn.
  • Rock salt is also said to be good for arthritis, herpes and insect bites.
  • Rock salt solution is good for throat infections as it can be used for gargling and helps to clear passages in case of common cold.
  • Salt is also known to be a good teeth whitener.
  • It is a good body scrub as it exfoliates dead skin and increases glow of skin.

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