Indian Mint & its medicinal uses

There are certain medicinal plants and herbs that grow easily or found commonly in our compound or backyard, but we seldom realize their value. The ‘Indian Mint’ or ‘Indian Borage’ is effective against fever, cough and breathing difficulty. Noted Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr Pretty Prabhakaran writes:-


 Scientific name: Plectranthus amboinicus

Family: Lamiaceae


Sanskrit:         Ajapatri

Malayalam:   Panikoorka/Kanjikoorka

Tamil:             Karpooravalli

Kannada:       Thottapatri

Hindi:             Pathar choor

English:          Indian Borage/Indian mint/Mexican mint/Spanish thyme



The plant mainly belongs to mint family Lamiaceae, grows up to 0.5 to 1meter. The stem and leaves are fleshy and contain water. Leaves are undivided and broad with oval shape. The aroma of the plant is very intense. The plant can be cultivated easily by planting the stem. Flowers are pale purplish and appear in a long, slender spike-like raceme.

Medicinal uses

The leaves of the plant are mainly used for fever, cough and breathing difficulty in children and also in adults.


Internal usage

How to extract the juice?

The leaves of the plant after proper cleaning is dipped in hot water or steamed under hot water to extract the juice.

•          Intake of juice with honey or sugar candy will reduce fever, cough and breathing difficulty

•          Application of the paste on the forehead and chest cures headache and congestion caused due to vitiation of pranavaha srotas (respiratory system)

•          Cough, throat pain, wheezing – leaf extract of adalotakam (adhatoda vasika) and panikoorka with honey

•          Steam inhalation – boil water, adding the leaves and then inhaling the same will help remove nasal congestion and reduce discomfort like sinusitis and headache caused due to increased kapha dosha.

•          Abdominal problems like gastritis and indigestion can be cured by intake of leaf extract with pure honey, ginger juice or buttermilk.

•          Nasal congestion – crush the leaves and the aroma can be inhaled for removing the nasal congestion.

•          Insect bites –crushed leaves are applied on the affected area to remove the pain.

•          Taking bath in lukewarm water boiled with leaves of panikoorka will reduce the chance of getting affected by cough and fever.

•          Application of rasnadi choornam with panikoorka swarasa (leaf extract) will reduce the headache.

Dr Pretty Prabhakaran, BAMS, MD, YIC, Assistant Professor, Department of Kriyashareera, Sushrutha Ayurveda Medical College, Bangalore

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