Ayurveda provides career opportunities on par with MBBS or MD/MS, says expert

Ayurveda is among the most popular streams in the AYUSH sector. More young people are turning to Ayurveda, particularly for the treatment of chronic diseases which has limited cure in allopathic streams. This is the same for those who want to escape from the side effects of modern medicine. 

For these reasons, Ayurveda has emerged as an attractive alternative for students who want to become a doctor but can't get into allopathic streams, says Dr. A. K. Sen Gupta, Founder and Convener of Higher Education Forum (HEF). 

All career options usually available for a medical practitioner like MBBS or MD/MS are accessible for Ayurveda graduates, including getting employed as resident medical doctors or specialists at hospitals, says Dr Gupta. 

Ayurveda doctors also have great opportunities to become successful practitioners. They can run special clinics for treatment under 'naturopathy' which is famed for its efficacy in treating certain types of chronic diseases. 

The degree course for Ayurveda, the Bachelor of Ayurveda and Surgery (BAMS), is as intensive as an MBBS degree and is of equal duration requiring the clearing of the NEET exams. Following it up with the 3-year masters course improves one's prospects for a successful career, says Dr Gupta. 

With the push to revisit the roots of traditional wisdom coming straight from the top office in the Central government, traditional Indian medicine like Ayurveda is likely to get increased support in the days to come, making the career of an Ayurveda doctor all the more alluring. 

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