In the name of Ayurveda

Since the days of Charaka and Susruta, India has been blessed with a glorious code on medical ethics. An Ayurvedic master and his student were always being reminded that their profession aims only at the welfare of the patient. At the same time, fair compensation was not frowned upon. Acharyas said thus: “Patients trust their physicians implicitly to the extent of placing their lives unhesitatingly under his care. This is true even of patients who have no trust in their own relations, parents and sons. Hence a physician should take as much care of each and every patient as he would of his own family.”

There were some basic principles followed by all who had chosen their profession as a ‘vaidya’. A passage in the Charaka Samhita sums up the ethical injunctions of that time: “He who practises medicine out of compassion for all creatures rather than for gain or for gratification of the senses surpasses all.” But now, in this modern period, one can see a slow but progressive decay of character in many members of the medical profession. Some are forgetting its glory and responsibility. Indian Medical Council Regulations (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) states: ‘The prime object of the medical profession is to render service to humanity; reward or financial gain is a subordinate consideration. Who-so-ever chooses his profession assumes the obligation to conduct himself in accordance with its ideals.’

The relevant rules bans advertisements of all kinds. Unfortunately, very often advertisements which are quite against the above said norms appear. It can be said as clearly against the medical ethics. Though being given in the name of ‘authentic Ayurveda’, some of the advertisements are really confusing and are even against the fundamental principles of Ayurveda! Some of them argue that the regular usage of certain products for a particular problem (sometimes single product for a number of problems) will cure you easily. They sell the product in the name of Ayurveda, and they don’t want to know the patient, his body constitution, digestive capacity etc.! The basic diagnostic method of Ayurveda is simply being ignored, and still they all claim them as ‘100 per cent Ayurveda’. Treatment in Ayurveda is a positive, long-lasting relationship between the patient and the physician.

For any problem, the physician has to see the patient and through proper diagnostic methods, he understands the patient’s problem and helps him cure that with proper lifestyle and medications. The term Ayurvedic cure never means ‘over the counter cure’. Some advertisements are being decorated with a photograph of certain ‘vaidya’ who claims generations of Ayurvedic treatment and ‘research’ experience, though, in fact, there would be none. These kinds of advertisements are smearing the pristine purity of Ayurveda with faulty, misleading claims. All those money motivated individuals and companies, who are playing behind these kind of negative trends, should step back from their activities which are harmful to authentic Ayurveda. There are advertisements which may inspire drunkards by claiming all-cure for lever problems. Some advertisements are on ‘Vajikarana’, the ‘ideal therapy’ for the enhancement of male vigour. Their much-indemand product will be ‘hassle free’ and with ‘no side-effects’.

They offer great relief to the men who lead a hectic stressful life. These medicines are said to give one the strength and potency of a horse and enhance erection for a longer duration! There is no magical cure in Ayurveda. These advertisers are sure that, those who buy these medicines, just by seeing the advertisement, will be silent, even if they couldn’t get the expected result! Recently, there was an advertisement given in some main news papers and magazines claiming that their newly found medicine can cure diabetes completely! These tendencies should be removed as soon as possible from the field of Ayurveda. Faulty and misleading advertisements on over the counter products attract a number of ignorant public and they misunderstand these fake claims as of Authentic Ayurveda.

This demoralises Ayurveda and its genuine followers. Moreover, as it is against rules and regulations, authorities should take action against those people who are making Ayurveda a cash cow.

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