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In India, Kerala is known as the home to Ayurveda. But, today we can no longer restrict Ayurveda to this wedge-shaped state of Kerala. Globally, Germany is known to many as the home to Ayurveda. Dr. Jeevan’s Ayurveda academy in Germany is the reason for this status. Now, Germany is also known as the second home of Ayurveda. This crown that Germany wears today did not come easy. A lot of effort and homework has gone behind this and effort needs to be done continuously to keep it going this way. Despite the high number of academies, research programs and private clinics in Germany it can be seen that many institutions and individuals in Germany practice Yoga therapy along with Ayurveda.  Yoga here is often reimbursed if practiced under a qualified Yoga instructor who is registered under BDY(Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland e.V).  It can be presumed that in future Ayurveda may also be reimbursed if one undergoes treatment under a registered medical doctor too. And when that happens, Germany also becomes the first home of Ayurveda.

About ‘Ayurveda Care’

This is a German based private academy and treatment center that will be 20 years this year in 2016. It is run by Dr. Jeevan, who is an experienced Ayurveda physician. This center has witnessed several students who have done basic and advanced course in Ayurveda medicine here and are practicing it in several parts of Germany in a traditional Kerala style. This means that they use Ama Pachana with decoctions, Purva and Panchakarma with traditional oils and Rasayana with herbal Ghees and Elixirs for their treatment procedures.  Ayurveda is practiced here considering the nutritional guideline that suits the climate of Germany and the availability of local organic foods, Yoga asana & Yoga dhyana that is suitable to the specific individual. Dr. Jeevan is said to be the motivating force behind this 20 year-old academy in Germany.

Apart from his Academy, Dr. Jeevan also manages an Ayurveda Panchakarma center at Germany. Various treatments including treatments for multiple sclerosis, poly arthritis, burn out, infertility are practiced at this center. Dr. Jeevan also owns a network of small clinics at Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt etc. His main center or a referral center is at Pelham, Bad Endorf- an hour drive from Munich, which is the Final Destination of Ayurveda in Germany.

What is more special in Ayurveda Care at Pelham is: It is not just an Ayurveda clinic or hospital, it is a Home where Ayurveda Care is done. This is why Dr. Jeevan calls it ‘Home Care Ayurveda’. He only treats 5 patients per month and thus gives them the most of Ayurveda care. Yoga in the morning and Dhyana in the evening is regularly practiced here. Food is cooked based on Ayurveda principles using organic substances that are locally obtained. Panchakarma treatments, conferences on self-care and daily care are part of this Special Home Care. One can understand the Ayurveda principles by living with this Indian family. The patients who are treated here not only experience a good Panchakarma but also a healthy Living. Here, a patient diagnosed with a disease is easily cured due to the lifestyle practiced here which is that of living close to nature. Here, the reason for the basic cause of a disease is expounded to be due to the erratic nature of  lives that people practice with no space for love. It is understood here that a disease cannot be cured by just doing a Panchakarma or consuming some herbal capsules or tablets diseases. This home care center focuses on living with the rhythm of nature and respecting the laws of nature. The proximity to the beautiful Alps and the Pelhamer sea at the Chiemsee region helps one escape from the concrete jungles of Munich & Frankfurt for a while and nourish not only the body but also the mind.

What should one focus on for a healthy living in Ayurveda? If you consider the first element ether or space: This place is absolutely free from sound pollution.

The second element air: Chemsee region of Bayern is a smoke free light air and very good for asthmatic patients. If you come from Berlin or Frankfurt you can actually feel this. Fire element: No Wireless LAN which makes the atmosphere Electro smoke free. The center faces the east and also to the Alps. So you see different colors in the sky during the sunrise and sun set. Pelhamer sea is stamped as healing water and is just 5 KM away from the Healing thermal water where people can go for bath or swim. The earth: Pollution free, plastic free ground. Most of the organic plantations from different companies have their seats in Chiemgau region. The vegetables are locally grown and not imported.

Milk is from the farmer in the neighbor.  Mineral water is just 5 KM away but provided in glass bottles. They also prepare oils and ghee with locally available medicinal plants. So the five-elements concepts is well kept as much as possible in this Home Care Ayurveda.

This opportunity is utilized by many of the Germans for the prevention and cure of diseases and also to understand the Indian way of life.

Dr. Jeevan is an Ayurveda physician with more than 26 years of experience in both teaching and consulting. He graduated as an Ayurveda physician from Coimbatore Ayurveda College. He is an expert in providing Ayurveda consultation to find out dosha imbalance in a person. With the help of Ayurvedic principles he can understand the disease process in a person and thus guide them to select the best nutrition and life style management with the Ancient healing methods of India.

More than that, you can spend a day with Dr. Jeevan to understand Ayurvedic way of cooking, individual Yoga practice and a consultation. If you are interested to do something more to detox your body and mind there is also customized Panchakrma packages after the consultation. If you are tired of long flights to Kerala, or not young enough for a flight to Kerala, India A small Kerala is in at Pelham!    

For more information, you can check at www.Ayurveda-care.de or call directly to Ayurveda team +49 8053 3Article written by Laura Kauther, info@laurakauther.de

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