Ayurvedic drug shows promising results in clinical trials

Astha-15 may be the first Ayurvedic drug in the global market addressing the respiratory disorders associated with the deadly Covid-19.

The Dalmia Healthcare is set to announce the launch of Astha-15, a polyherbal combination of 15 herbs developed by its research arm Dalmia Centre for Research and Development, for treatment of mild and moderate Covid patients.

“This is a proud moment for India, our own indigenous Ayurveda and Dalmia Healthcare Limited –has developed Astha-15 for the effective treatment of respiratory disorders in Covid patients. “We’re happy to announce that the outcome of the clinical trial showed that Astha-15 has significantly reduced the cough and wheezing, improved the respiratory rate and aid in the speedy recovery of Covid-19 patients with the improvement of quality of life during the treatment cycle,” said Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman, Dalmia Group of Companies.

Astha-15 will be made available in the first phase through prescriptions written for mild and moderate Covid patients undergoing treatment in Covid Hospitals. Dalmia Healthcare will be applying for permission/approval of Astha-15 usage in allopathic hospitals, as per the procedure in each hospital, he said.

Aptly named Astha or faith, Astha-15 acts as a bronchodilator, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and lung detoxifier. It helps in eliminating the infection and regulating the allergic reactions. This has a specific action on the mucosa of the respiratory tract and the muscular walls of the lungs that act as the airways. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which reduces inflammation and congestion inside the lungs. Its continuous use reduces the damage on the lungs and the muscular walls and brings out a significant reversal in their dysfunction. All these disorders which have been found in Covid-19 patients have been confirmed to be treated by Astha-15.

Dalmia Healthcare had earlier sought approval for Astha-15 by conducting a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of poly-herbal combination for the treatment of Covid-19 along with standard care approved as per AYUSH/ICMR guidelines. After two successful phases, Phase III trial was conducted on 120 subjects at multi-centric sites viz. JNUIMSRC, Jaipur, Govt. Medical College & Govt. General hospital, Srikakulam (Old RIMSGGH) and RGMC & CSMH, Thane by following the regulatory guidelines of AYUSH and the Informed Consent Declaration, Insurance Terms and Hospital Ethics Committee approvals which are registered at DCGI to perform the clinical trial.

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