Tips for a healthy Monsoon

Get wet and enjoy the rains but not when it is windy, in the late evening or at night. Don’t get wet at all times.

Dry yourself thoroughly thereafter and stay in dry place. Don’t enter in an AC room when wet, especially with wet hair.
Those prone to colds should cover the head and avoid getting it wet.

Carry  a raincoat or an umbrella.

Avoid day sleep, exposure to strong sunlight (afternoon) and heavy workouts. Walks and light exercise is sufficient.

Avoid dampness-stay in the dry.

Amla(sour), lavan (salty) and snigdha(unctuous) food is advisable.

Enjoy bhajiyas in moderation with black pepper, carom(ajmoda) etc. added to it.

Add ginger, lemon,  mint ,onion, garlic,  black pepper, tomatoes in tea etc. drinks and food items.

Use  Hingvastak churna , Trikatu churna ,sunthi or pippalimula etc. to lace your food. This makes it tastier and aids digestion.

Water boiled with a piece of sunthi added to it and then cooled can be used for drinking .

Old barley, wheat and rice are preferable.

Green gram in boiled and spiced state or in soup form with tempering is nourishing and easy to digest.

Bitter gourd (karela), drumstick, brinjal etc. are more acceptable, while spinach ,cauliflower etc. should be avoided.

Buttermilk plain or spiced is a good option to curds or soft drinks.

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