Herb Day marked to encourage cultivation of medicinal herbs

Dehradun: The Herbal Research and Development Institute (HRDI) at Mandal in Gopeshwar celebrated the  Herb Day to encourage cultivation of medicinal herbs among farmers. Events were held in Gopeshwar and in different blocks of Kumaon and Garhwal regions of the State wherein planting material as well as technical knowhow were given to farmers by scientists and master trainers of HRDI.

The HRDI director Chandra Shekhar Sanwal stated that the institute has been supporting cultivation of highly sought after high value medicinal plants like Kutki, Kuth and Atisetc to strengthen the medicinal plants resource base in the state to meet their rising demand.

It is pertinent to mention here that Herb Day is celebrated on August 4 to popularise the usefulness and importance of medicinal plants and sensitise the public about the state’s traditional knowledge and usages of medicinal plants. It is also celebrated to realise the conservation value of Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) species of medicinal plants. The day is also celebrated to create awareness about cultivation of medicinal plants.

Uttarakhand is home to some of very high value medicinal plants that continue to be the mainstay of healthcare delivery to a very large segment of population in the country. Further growth of herbal sector is critically dependent upon the sustained supplies of medicinal plant resources. With cultivation limited to only a few medicinal plant species, wild collections remain the major supply source of herbal raw drugs, putting acute pressure on the wild medicinal plant resources. Many of the medicinal species have already been assessed as of conservation concerns.

As conservation of wild medicinal plant resources assume a very high priority, the continuous availability of authentic and quality medicinal plants is crucial to the sustenance and growth of herbal sector. Further, the demand for medicinal plants is also on the rise due to growth of herbal-based wellness sector. Hence, continuous use of herbals for health care requires quality herbal materials and products with authenticity and sustainability.

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