Ayurveda principles to ensure a healthy childhood

Ayurveda recognizes that human beings go through different stages of life. Each of these stages is governed by one of the three biological intelligences - Vata, Pitta and Kapha, or a combination of them. The phase of childhood according to Ayurveda is governed by the Kapha stage.

Kapha is governed by the elements of water and earth. Here, excess mucosa is generated in body tissues as a result of the growth process. This is the reason why people tend to suffer more easily from congestion in the respiratory tract in childhood. The tendency to develop a fondness for sweet flavours is because they contribute best to this growth process. 

The following are the habits which need to be instilled among children as per Ayurveda principles to promote their physical, mental and emotional balance. 

Discipline: Being regular in your meals, rest, play and study times balances the nervous system, stabilizing the emotional state and improving mental clarity. Children should eat homemade food as much as possible.

Eating right: Avoid distractions during mealtime such as television, radio or cell phones. Include variety in your food, especially in fruits and vegetables, but minimize consumption of dressings, soft drinks, artificial flavourings, refined flours and sugars, and frozen and canned foods.

Drink water: Children need to develop the habit of drinking water to stay hydrated and avoid liquid calories.

Sense of responsibility: Promote environmental volunteer service and community help actions among children to develop in them the responsibility to give back to the society they live in. 

Creativity: Children must also be made to indulge in activities where they have to use their creativity and imagination regularly. 

Trust and safety: Children should grow up in an environment where they feel safe, loved, accepted and motivated to achieve their dreams. Efforts should be made to build trust among children during their formative years, teaching them to enjoy every moment in their lives. 

The body, mind and spirit are the pillars of Ayurveda to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Creating the right environment for the integral development of children and ensuring a healthy diet and habits are the best gifts we can give them for their future independent lives.

Helping your children to adopt this lifestyle not only helps in preventing diseases but also promotes their growth process to become integral human beings in balance with themselves and with the world around them. 

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