A boon for Ayurveda and patients

The Ayurveda community at large and the citizens of India have been demanding for the inclusion of Ayurvedic treatments under Health Insurance coverage for a long time. Large to small Ayurveda hospitals have also been demanding and trying for this approval for several years through their organisation – Ayurveda Hospital Management Association (AHMA). However, the personalised treatment approach of Ayurveda was the main barrier for inclusion of its treatments under insurance coverage. Because of that approach, treatments for the same disease in different individuals are variable and thus also the cost. Hence, the difficulties in standardising treatment costs in such individualised but highly effective treatment discouraged and prevented insurance firms from calculating total expense, developing insurance premiums and designing policies. Unhelpful skepticism about the curative aspects and misbranding of Ayurvedic therapies under wellness treatments in the society also added to these problems.

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