Startup launches platform for promoting yoga, ayurveda

New Delhi: An IITian has launched a platform, Healthyatri, to promote yoga, meditation, ayurveda and other ancient wellness practices.

Virender Arora, the founder of ‘Healthyatri’ who quit a high-flying career at a multi-national company, said the start-up is looking to raise funds to make the platform more dynamic.

“This platform is dedicated to promote benefits of yoga and other ancient wellness traditions across India,” Arora said.

He said it would help people in searching and booking retreat packages, workshops, teacher training courses, and classes for yoga, meditation, ayurveda, spanaturopathy and other similar practices.

“We help customers compare various packages and offerings and go for the one that perfectly matches their needs,” he said.

When asked about the reason for leaving the job at a multi-national firm and starting this venture, he said during the current times the level of stress is going up and it is creating problems for people.

He added that the government is also taking series of steps to promote start-ups in the country.

“We took this opportunity and launched this platform. We are talking to few venture funds to raise certain amount to expand this platform and make it more dynamic,” he added.

On this platform, one can choose these practices and book the package, Arora said.

“We provide an online platform through which service providers provide various types of yoga, meditation and wellness experiences, including yoga, meditation, and ayurveda with or without accommodations and the users can make reservations for the said services,” he said.

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