The Miraculous Recovery: Ayurveda's Impact on LASIK Vision Loss

Ayurveda has truly worked wonders for the surgeon who lost her vision during LASIK treatment! Dr. Rashmi's journey has been nothing short of miraculous. After undergoing LASIK surgery in 2008, her vision gradually deteriorated, forcing her to give up her profession as a laparoscopic surgeon in 2015. It became increasingly difficult for her to perform surgeries accurately while watching television, and she had to abandon her passion.

However, everything changed when she came across Thiruvalla ‘Sudarshanam’ Ayurvedic eye hospital in 2021. Initially, she couldn't even open her eyes, walk, or go out. She had to eat while sitting facing the wall and wore a p-cap, constantly looking down. But today, thanks to the incredible healing powers of Ayurveda, Dr. Rashmi has regained her eyesight. She can now open her eyes, communicate with a smile, and marvel at the world around her.

Dr. Rashmi, a university rank winner with a gold medal in surgery, is mentally preparing herself to resume her specialty of keyhole surgery. This remarkable transformation is attributed to the slight correction in her eyesight, which now stands at an impressive 6/9. Overwhelmed with joy and profound gratitude, she greeted Dr. Gokulan, the Chief Physician of Sudarshanam by touching his feet and descended the steps of the hospital, radiating happiness.

Dr. Rashmi currently resides in Miami, where she continues to inspire others with her incredible journey of healing and resilience. Ayurveda has not only restored her vision but also reignited her passion for surgery. With her newfound clarity of sight, she is ready to embark on a new chapter in her career, bringing hope and healing to countless patients once again.

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