Ayurveda steps into AI route

Ayurveda has for long remained just a traditional and centuries-old medical system of India. Today, all stakeholders associated with this system of medicine express interest to get onto the technology bandwagon. Thus, Ayuvedic beauty and wellness products manufacturers are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to create highly personalised products for their customers.

AI considers all the details and differences into account while providing all kinds of beauty, wellness and medical solutions to their customers. This includes personal allergies, medical condition, past history, past treatments and current treatments, country, climate, skin colour, ethnic background and so on. AI also enables customers to refer to the personalized card online and fill in the details. The custom-made product, taking all the details into account, is then made available online. From the consumers’ perspectives, these products cater to individual beauty needs instead of offering generic solutions for a particular skin type.

AI thus also allows Ayurvedic data to be fed into computer programmes to identify dosha or prakriti and thus allow the selection of Ayurvedic medicines or beauty products.

According to Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chair-person & Managing Director, Shahnaz Husain Group who is a frontrunner in adoption of AI in creating personalised beauty and wellness products, they train beauty advisors for their counters, so that they can advise the customer correctly about the products.

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