The Coronavirus remains a major threat to humanity due to its mutating nature, resulting in the emergence of new infective forms. Many of those who had undergone hospitalized treatment for COVID-19 are also said to be becoming more susceptible to other infections like Mucormycosis. There is also a warning in the air that a ‘Third Wave’ of COVID-19 may sweep the Indian subcontinent during the coming winter.

What do we as individuals do about all this? Do we wait for some strain of the dreaded Covid-19 strike us or should we how best we can shield ourselves against this and several other diseases? As the saying goes, prevention is better than remedy. So here are a few things that can be done at our homes without much hassle to keep the entire family healthy and battle ready.

Goose Berry-Turmeric-Honey Mix

Gooseberry is very rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants which can be very helpful in maintaining good immunity. The anti-oxidants can reduce the ‘oxidative stress’ in the body. Studies have found that gooseberry fruits can enhance the development of antibodies and the immune-regulatory functions of the White Blood Cells.

It is good to have a single Gooseberry fruit every day, but it can also be made into juice and taken in an empty stomach every morning. Better still if you add a pinch of turmeric powder. Honey can be used to adjust the taste of the juicy mixture.

Giloy-Turmeric-Honey Mix

Giloy (Gulancha in Hindi, Guduchi or Amritavalli in Sanskrit, Seenthal in Tamil and Chittamruth in Malayalam) is said to be very effective in preventing many diseases. The plant is very popular in traditional medicine. It has a climbing stem with heart-shaped leaves.

The fresh stem of the plant can be cut into pieces and boiled in about 3 glasses of water in an earthen vessel. This must be left to cool overnight. Next morning, the stem parts can be squeezed and discarded, leaving the decoction, which can be taken with honey, to adjust the taste. A pinch of turmeric powder can also be added.


Vishnukranthi (Evolvulus alsinoides), whose flower is revered as one among the ‘ten sacred flowers’ (Dasapushpam), is also is known to possess some power to boost immunity. The plant as a whole, including leaves, stem and root can be used. About 30 grams of is to be boiled in about 3 glasses of water in an earthen vessel. This must be kept overnight. In the morning, one glass of the potion with two pinches of root-powder of Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) can be taken. This can be consumed every morning on an empty stomach.

Drumstick Leaf-Lime- Honey-Mix

Drumstick leaves are a rich source of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins like A, C, B-1, B-2 etc. It can also be used as an immunity booster if taken in juice-form. For this, half a cup of drumstick leaves can be ground with one cup of water which can be filtered and used with 30 ml of lime juice and honey, to adjust the taste. Taking this mixture regularly can help to eliminate toxins, and reduce the effect of free-radicals. In this way, it can prevent cancer and enhance sex drive in men. It is also a neuro-tonic.

Ginger-Coriander-Sugar Candy-Mix

Ginger is very popular as a home-remedy for problems related to digestion. However, recent research has proved its efficiency as natural agent that can function as an immunity-booster that is even capable of preventing fevers caused by viruses like H1N1. In traditional medicine, ginger is boiled with a few seeds of coriander in water. This can also function as an anti-oxidant. If a little sugar candy also is added, it can enhance immunity. The anti-bacterial effects of ginger is well proven and some compounds in it can resist respiratory diseases as well.

Aloe Vera-Giloy-Aswagandha-Mix

Aloe vera is very popular nowadays as an immunity-booster and it can even help the body to re-attain the immunity lost due to prolonged usage of steroids, antibiotics or pain-killers. An ounce each of Aloe vera and Giloy extracts should be mixed and taken with 5g of Aswagandha root powder.

However, this treatment should be continued for a very long time to get the desired effect. It should be noted that Aloe vera extract need to be ‘purified’ before usage which can be achieved by heating the fleshy leaves upon cinders and then squeezing out the extract which can be filtered using a cloth.

Kovai Fruit Juice

Kovai Fruit with the scientific name Coccinia grandis has become very popular nowadays as a natural preventive food against diabetes. It is twining plant, the fruit of which is used as vegetable as well as a medicinal fruit. The fruit is dried and powdered and 10g is taken with hot water, twice daily, as a preventive measure against diabetes. Daily usage of kovai fruit as a vegetable can enhance immunity and rejuvenate the functioning of the brain, kidneys and other vital organs like heart. It can clean the body from toxins and can be nourishing by inducing the production of more Red Blood Cells. This can keep the body healthy.

Dr. S. Rajasekharan,

Retd. Scientist, JNTBGRI, Thiruvananthapuram.

Member, State Biodiversity Board.

Mobile: 9446557914


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