Remedy for itching in joints

I am 34 years old, having mixed diet, of medium body. My problem is skin related. I have itching in my joints, especially in armpits and inner thighs. My skin became so dark and scaly in those areas. The problem is severe during summer. I have used many ointments but nothing found useful, all provided temporary relief. Sir, is there any helpful medicine in Ayurveda? I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Vinayan, Kattakkada

Dear Vinayan
The details in your letter are not sufficient. It is important to get some more information. For example, what is your job? Is there excessive sweating? Do you have any other health issues like diabetes? For how long you suffer from the present issue? All these are important. Any way, you try this prescription.
Take Panchathikthakam kashayam two times a day before food, and Manibhadragulam 10 gms at bedtime. Apply Eladiganam powder locally making it a paste in hot water, leave it until dry, then clean it, and wash with warm water. Then apply Mahathikthakalepam locally. Avoid milk, milk products, and non-vegetarian foods.

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