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Namaste Sir,
I am writing this letter for my wife, 32 years old. Her problem is pain in lower back. Sometimes she has severe pain. It increases during her periods. We met many doctors, took many medicines, but still the problem persists. It comes back when we stop treatments. Her height: 165 centimeters, weight: 61 kilograms. Kindly help us with your suggestions.

Ramesh TK, Kadirur, Kannur

Dear Mr.Ramesh,
The observation that your wife’ slow back ache increases with her periods is significant. In Ayurvedic biology, pelvic area is the seat of Apanavayu which controls the acts of menstruation, defaecation and urination. When Apanavayu is not functioning optimally, there can be pains and aches in and around the pelvic area including low back. There need not be any positive findings in scans or other investigations.
You may give her Sukumaram Kashayam two times a day before food and 10 gms of Kallyanakagulam at bedtime continuously for 3 months. Gandhathylam may be smeared locally on the paining areas at night. Give her rest during her periods.

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