The G20 Delhi Declaration recognizes the role of traditional medicine in global health

The G20 New Delhi Leaders' Declaration has included in it the recognizing of the potential role of traditional medicine in global health architecture. This is seen as a significant step in bringing traditional medicine to the mainstream and attaining worldwide acceptance. 

The Declaration states:

"... 28. We remain committed to strengthening the global health architecture, with the World Health Organization (WHO) at its core, and building more resilient, equitable, sustainable, and inclusive health systems to achieve Universal Health Coverage, implement One Health approach, enhance pandemic preparedness and strengthen existing infectious diseases surveillance systems. To achieve this, we will:

… vii. Recognize the potential role of evidence-based Traditional and Complementary Medicine in health, and take note of international efforts in this direction, including WHO’s global and collaborating centers, and clinical trial registries."

The Ayush Ministry in a tweet said that the inclusion will take traditional medicine to global prominence. "Inclusion of Traditional Medicine in G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration will elevate it to global prominence. India will be at the forefront leading this transformation," it said.

Traditional Medicine has witnessed significant achievements in recent years, contributing to the evidence-based understanding and integration of traditional healthcare practices into modern medicine. Its role in managing the COVID-19 pandemic has been appreciated worldwide. 

India has been leading this global transition by promoting traditional medicine practices to enhance global well-being, taking a holistic approach while providing affordable healthcare to all. The inclusion of traditional medicine in the G20 declaration is the latest step towards it. 

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