Dina charya – the art and science of adaptability

The word ‘dina charya’ stands for daily routine for a healthy life. It is the fine tuning of your body-mind complex in order to maintain a harmony with time, space and the Mother Nature. The word ‘dina’ means a day and dina charya is the way to maintain balance in everything one does in a day. From dawn to desk, in each moment, one has to realize and worship his inner self, to live a ‘full’ life.

According to Ayurveda, the basic constructs of human body are the five elements (bhootas), three humors (doshas) and seven basic tissues (dhatus). Innumerable combinations of just five elements in various proportions- no need to explain why it is called as ‘Uni-verse’ (Pra-pancham)! The basic constructs are same, in all existence. And each creature is unique, in a very special way.

And for each creature, the term ‘survival’ means the art and science of adaptability, the ability for making intelligent adjustments to cope with surroundings. Each substance is having some qualities (gunas), and the exact ‘understanding’ of these qualities in order to make appropriate choices decides the sustainability of any being upon this planet earth.

And that is the significance of dina charya and ritu charya(seasonal regimen) elaborated in Ayurvedic texts.
Balance in humors is health, says Ayurveda. Each humor has some ‘likes and dislikes’!

When choosing food, drink, or a walk, one should be cautious. In each person, the prominent humor is different, and a perfect understanding of that is the key to health, harmony in life. An understanding and acceptance of balanced diet, supporting climate and ethical living is the means for perfect survival, in other words, the pathway to health in its ‘whole ness’.
And Ayurveda shares a deeper understanding of all existence thus:
“One should not involve in any sins pertaining to the body, speech or mind. Those who have no means of livelihood, who are suffering from diseases and who are afflicted with grief should be helped to the utmost extent. Each existence, even the insects and ants should be treated with compassion and kindness, just as one’s own self.” (Ashtanga hridaya; Sutra sthanam- 2-23).

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