Health-conscious millennials seek ayurvedic solution for hangovers

Health-conscious millennials are seeking ayurveda solutions to combat modern-day maladies such as hangovers after a night of binge drinking, with quite a few brands including Shunya, The Auric, Akiva and Dotshot catering to the growing demand. It is understood that the millenials no longer pop aspirins to get over from their hangover, instead they take a “shot” of haldi (turmeric) or go for a “party pack” of ayurvedic anti-hangover capsules. And, if they are on a diet but want to avoid problems that come with artificial sweeteners, an ashwagandha-infused, stevia-sweetened fizzy drink is preferred. “We’re catering to the same person who drinks green tea and coconut water instead of cola; who wants to go to a gym and looks for mindfulness content,” says Deepak Agarwal, founder of The Auric, a brand of herb-infused drinks with variants like Skin Radiance and Body Defence. In February, Siddhesh Sharma from the family that runs the 102-year-old Baidyanath group of herbal products, launched a herbal anti-hangover product called Armr and a brand of herb-infused vitamin drink called Shunya. The new venture (unrelated to the Baidyanath group) aims to make health “cool and exotic”, Sharma says. The market for “functional drinks” like Shunya is Rs 1,500-2,000 crore, which is just 3-4% of the bottled drinks markets, says Sharma.

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