Parliament panel suggests collaboration of Ayush, Health ministries for better outreach

With its origins dating back over 5,000 years, Ayurveda constitutes one of the oldest medical systems. In the modern era, it has evolved to become a holistic system of medicine that addresses physical ailments as well as the harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

However, while the traditional medicine systems of other countries like that of China have achieved global ascendancy, India still grapples with internal skepticism, emanating from both its populace and governmental spheres, impeding the optimal realization of its potential on a global scale.

To negate this, the Parliament Committee on Friday put forward several recommendations to fully integrate Ayush systems, including Ayurveda, with mainstream medicine and make it more agreeable to the present and future generations. 

For this, the committee recommended the collaboration of the Ayush and the Health ministries to make the workforce comprehend the importance of integrating the two systems. It also suggested incorporating Ayush lessons into school curricula to bring down knowledge barriers between Ayush and modern medicine.

The panel also emphasized developing standardized protocols for Ayush interventions and placing clinically supported research and peer-reviewed articles in Ayush and allopathic medical colleges for better outreach, understanding, and coordination.

"Physicians from both systems can work together to develop comprehensive treatment plans for patients, considering both Indian and Western medical perspectives," it said

The panel takes a cue from China and suggests that the government of India should devise ways to integrate the Ayush system with poverty alleviation initiatives to boost community engagement. 

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