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“The care and concern I get is just like home! These oft-heard words at Sobha Hermitage say so much about the genuine love, care, comfort, security & health care facilities that this unique world class senior citizen’s home provides. Built on a spacious 3.5 acres of a 24 acre-beautiful green, serene and hilly terrain, this Home is a class of its own. A completely noble charitable venture, it offers a homely atmosphere with geriatric / health care facility where peace of mind and quality of life are focused upon.

Sobha Hermitage is dedicated to the management of old age and loneliness. In today’s socio-economic scenario, quite often, overseas jobs keep children and parents separated. Some issueless couples find that, in their evening of life there is no one to care for them. Yet other old parents face family problems and do not wish to live with children. Sobha Hermitage is an excellent solution in these situations.

The Home’s international facilities allow plenty of room to relax, rest, be entertained and looked after. The residents can truly enjoy the seamless blend of comfort and conveniences everyday. Moreover, the Home facilitates building an informal, unorthodox and friendly relationship amongst residents, creating a well knit family-like atmosphere. Importantly, it helps the children of the residents have a guilt-free and easy mind while their parents are in totally reliable hands.

As a charitable venture, the operations of the Home is heavily subsidised. Around fifty people are given free meals two times a day. A maximum of 50 couples can comfortably stay at the Hermitage. Half the number of rooms are reserved exclusively for deserving people to whom all facilities and amenities are provided totally free of charge. The remaining rooms are on payment basis. However, there is concession even for these residents.

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Sobha Hermitage is a brainchild of Mr PNC Menon, Chairman of the Sobha Group, real estate developers and builders, based in Bangalore. A philanthropist committed to social responsibility, Menon is engaged in numerous charitable activities. He is the founder trustee of the registered charitable Trust, Sri Kurumba Trust in Thrissur, which manages Sobha Hermitage. The Trust has been involved in several activities like

  • Rehabilitation of Tsunami victims – construction of houses
  • Free and dowry-less social mass weddings conducted annually, where gold ornaments, utensils, jewellery, clothes, and other relevant items are given free to very poor couples.
  • Construction of Auditorium for conducting wedding and other functions in his native village
  • Poor feeding on a daily basis
  • Health Centres
  • Paying for higher education in engineering and medical colleges for meritorious but economically weak students
  • Chief sponsorship of Usha School of Athletics, spearheaded by PT Usha.

In the pipeline are, social housing (building 8,000 homes for workers), projects for employment generation in rural areas, water projects in villages, building an orphanage, full-fledged English-medium primary school, high school and an engineering college among others.

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