Ayurveda brand, Kapiva enter US market

Mumbai-based food startup, Kapiva, an Ayurveda brand belonging to the 100-year old legacy – Adret Retail Pvt. Ltd. (Baidyanath) has entered the US market eyeing its growing demand for wellness products. According to Ameve Sharma, founder and CEO of Adret Retail Pvt. Ltd., there is a substantial demand for its high quality traditional Indian foods like ghee, herbal juices, honey and edible oils in the US market.

The idea behind this deal is that this business could account for 50% of turnover for Kapiva in the next few years against its current 20% turnover. This can result in the US becoming a larger market for the brand than India.

Through this deal, Kapiva, will cater to the new-age consumers and seek to merge the ancient Ayurvedic traditions of Baidyanath with modern-day science and technology.

It is understood that the start-up is targeting a Rs. 30 crore turnover by this fiscal against Rs. 20 crore in 2018-19.

Kapiva is Baidyanath’s strategy to reach out to the younger group of consumers who have a slightly different set of problems and requirements from Ayurveda.

While Baidyanath caters to the mass market in terms of pricing its products, Kapiva operates primarily in the premium segment.

The startup aims to provide a healthy alternative to all people’s needs, be it through food or beauty products. With manufacturing in Jodhpur and Kolkata, Kapiva sources ingrediants for its products from various locations, depending on the product itself.

To be up to par with the market’s growth, Kapiva follows an omni channel sales strategy with its products available in over 2000 outlets in 10 cities. It also has a very strong presence online through its own website and market places such as Amazon, Big Basket, 1mg, Medlife, Q-trove and others.

The startup is further working on expanding its distribution through all channels is a challenge which Kapiva is still working on.

The company has close to 200 GMP-certified (good manufacturing practice) products including capsules, oils and syrups, derived primarily from aloe vera, amla, ashwagandha, brahmi and garcinia. It caters to problems ranging from cough and cold to diabetes and digestive system ailments and skin and hair issues.

Kapiva products appeal most to those who take pride in the Indian traditions of food and wellness, and are willing to experiment with products that are natural or sourced in line with ayurvedic principles.

It has more than 500K customers since its launch and is seeing a good traction from both India and International geographies. Taking the baton of health even further, Kapiva wishes to expand to the Canadian and European markets in the coming months.

Kapiva Ayurveda was founded by Baidyanath Group scion Ameve Sharma and ex-Bain Capital investor Shrey Badhani. It markets 90 ayurveda food products (known as functional foods) under five categories — juices, ghee, honey, oil and tea.

The products are retailed under the brand name Kapiva — drawn from the three ayurveda doshas — kapha, pitta and vata.

“Selling under the brand Kapiva, we do not leverage the over 100-year-old family name, but their retail network,” said Ameve Sharma.



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