Water, when used judiciously, ensures good health of a person: Ayurveda

Friday was World Water Day. Water is the sustainer of life for all living beings. Nearly 55-60% of the human body is made up of water and water is required for almost all the activities of the body. However, water in excess can lead to body disorders and ill health. On the occasion of World Water Day, let us see what Ayurveda says about water consumption. 

As per Ayurvedic texts, water when used judiciously and in appropriate quantity ensures good health of the person. On the other hand, drinking large quantities of water leads to an increase in Kapha and Pitta Dosha. It may also lead to an increase in thirst, sleep, flatulence, cough, nausea, salivation, difficulty in breathing, and so on.

It is better to drink water sitting down than in a standing position. This prevents disruption of the balance of body fluids which can lead to a greater accumulation of fluids in the joints causing arthritis. By drinking sitting down, your muscles are relaxed which helps in the digestion process. 

Drinking warm water is preferred as it helps in easy digestion, promotes weight loss, and relieves bloating and pain. Ice-chilled water may disturb the ongoing process of digestion and put off the fire, decreasing the blood supply to various organs of the body, thus leading to constipation. 

Drinking water first thing in the morning helps get rid of many diseases in the body. It flushes out all the toxins in the body and cleanses the intestines. Drink water only when you are thirsty. Persons suffering from poor digestive activity should avoid drinking water during and just after meals as much as possible. Those suffering from eye problems, anemia, enlargement of the abdomen, hemorrhoids, respiratory disorders, edema, etc. also should reduce water intake. 

It is ideal to take water in the middle of the meals as it maintains the normalcy of the tissues and helps for easy digestion. Also, water stored in copper (tamba) and silver (chaandi) vessels can balance all three doshas in the body as it positively charges the water. 

In conclusion, World Water Day serves as a reminder of the vital role water plays in our lives and the importance of preserving this precious resource. Ayurveda's ancient wisdom offers valuable insights into harnessing the therapeutic properties of water for holistic well-being. As we commemorate this day, let us not only celebrate water's abundance but also commit to sustainable practices that ensure its availability for generations to come.

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