Yoga helped President Droupadi Murmu overcome the death of sons, husband.

Droupadi Murmu is India’s first President with a tribal background. Murmu belongs to the Santhal tribal community and comes from a humble background, and as such anyone would imagine a young Murmu to boldly overcome many odds before eventually becoming the President of India. 

But, Droupadi Murmu’s story is hardly one that anyone would imagine. As a woman, wife, and mother, Murmu, who started in Odisha’s local politics, has had to overcome the deaths of her two sons and then her husband during her life journey. 

Droupadi Murmu lost a son in 2009, another in 2013, and then her husband in 2014. These real-life tragedies pushed the former MLA and then Governor of Jharkhand, into deep depression. Life seemed like an uphill task for Murmu. 

However, as the adage goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. A defiant Murmu overcame the tragedies, fought back to mainstream relevance, and went on to become the first President of India from a tribal background. 

The secret? Yoga and meditation. 

In an interview with Union Minister Smriti Irani on All India Radio on the occasion of World Radio Day, the President of India said as much. 

“I have lost a lot of things. If your mind is idle, negativity starts to overcome you. To feel good and lively, I started doing yoga and meditation. Somebody had recommended it to me,” Murmu said.

In doing so, President Droupadi Murmu joins Prime Minister Narendra Modi in openly promoting the benefits of Yoga. For India, it is a matter of pride that the two personalities occupying its highest constitutional offices take pride in their traditional knowledge and health practices and vouch for their efficiency to the world. 

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