Peter Waldner from German is a teacher and performer of keyboard instruments such as organ, harpsichord, virginal, spinet, clavichord and fortepiano. Music and travel were his passions. His visits to Kerala added two more things to the list – Ayurveda and Yoga. “I had thought of Ayurveda as nothing more than some beauty therapy for women. But my perception changed completely after I attended a three-day Ayurveda and Yoga camp in Vienna six years ago. It refreshed my body and mind, and Yoga lessons enlightened me. My first two visits in search of Ayurveda treatments were to Sri Lanka. I first came to Kerala in 2006. The greenery, the backwaters, the elephants and a friendly people…I realised why some call it God’s Own Country. Kerala’s atmosphere itself has a natural healing effect. When I came here last year, I stayed at a resort in Palakkad. A Kashmiri friend told me about a centre of the Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre at Kalady. So this time I decided to come here. I feel very much at home at the centre.

I consider Ayurveda as a branch of preventive medicine, and firmly believe in the healing power of herbs. I don’t have any health problem now, and I normally opt for a course in pancha karma. As it is a deep cleansing process, it will help me stay healthy. Every year, I would like to re-energise myself and enjoy the healing power of Mother Nature through Ayurveda. I would like to explore your rich music tradition too. In the West, life is so fast and people long to relax. For me, Ayurveda and yoga are the best options. There is an upsurge in the quest for holism the world over. I feel Kerala has much to do in this area.”

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