‘Yoga for women empowerment’, how it works

The countdown to International Day of Yoga 2024 has begun. This year's theme of IDY is ‘Yoga for Women Empowerment'. Turns out, Yoga can not only improve the mind and body of a person, but also work towards empowering womanhood as well! In all fairness, Yoga does not discriminate between genders. What it does, however, is to instill a sense of confidence and self-respect among people, which, in today’s world, does more for empowering women than the men. 

“Yoga is a comprehensive instrument for empowering women, encompassing their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Yoga can help dispel the various health conditions affecting women including PCOS/PCOD, and stress and help them irrespective of their age or condition,” says Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary Ministry of Ayush.

Such empowered women with a balanced state of mind can take on roles as leaders and educators. Their good actions and open thinking can produce wonders in daily life. Inclusion of women in roles traditionally held by men thus bringsforth positive changes into society and leads to the overall betterment in quality of life.  

“Yoga is essentially a balanced state of mind,” says Hansaji Jayadeva, Director of The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, “Good actions are the best currency that sustain us forever. It is important to accept people as they are and find joy in understanding them, rather than let oneself be disturbed by the actions of others. Yoga enables individuals to cultivate a deeper awareness of their body, mind, and environment.”

By promoting Yoga amongst people of all sections of the society, it is bound to help the women more than men, as women have been long relegated to doing household tasks. Years of enforced views categorising women as unfit for leadership roles has affected the mindset of not just the individuals, but the society as a whole. 

It is here that Yoga can do wonders. Not only can it instill women with a sense of confidence and self-respect, but it can also help others to broaden their outlook and accept women as capable persons worthy of taking the lead in running day-to-day life. 

Just like with everything else, for women empowerment to happen, women and men have to work together for it. Yoga can make this possible, and that is why, during this year's International Day of Yoga, it is important to spread Yoga to empower women around the world. 

The International Day of Yoga 2024 is on Friday, June 21.

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