FSSAI has drafted the licensing and logistics norms for Ayurveda Aahara

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in consultation with the Union Ayush Ministry, has drafted licensing and logistics norms for businesses that can manufacture and sell food products under the Ayurveda Aahara category, reports the Mint. 

Ayurveda Aahara is defined as that food prepared in accordance with the recipes or ingredients or processes as per methods described in the authoritative books of Ayurveda. Documented recipes mentioned in classical books have been notified as scheduled A of the FSSAI regulations. This means any food business organization can opt for licence from FSSAI to prepare these recipes and then sell it. 

Ayurveda Aahara food products don't contain drugs or medicinal products, but have ingredients that are believed to promote health. Unlike Ayurveda drugs that are used to prevent or treat diseases, Ayurveda Aahar can be taken by patients as well as healthy persons and is intended to provide nutritional support along with therapeutic benefits. 

The move is expected to create huge business opportunities as Ayurveda now enjoys global acceptance with high value attached to it. As per officials at the FSSAI, guidelines for the production and sale of Ayurveda Aahar will be released soon. 

The FSSAI has formulated a logo for Ayurveda Aahar to create its unique identity. For ease of identification and assurance about the genuineness of the product, all such products shall carry the word “AYURVEDA AAHARA” on the product; and the specified logo in front of the pack of the label.

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