Land of Ayurveda soon to have a Homeo dispensary in every panchayat

Kerala is known as the land of Ayurveda. As such, traditional medicines are widely popular and fervently advocated when it comes to state healthcare. It is partly the reason why Kerala stands first in the country when it comes to ensuring quality health services to the people. 

Homeopathy, like Ayurveda, is made to face wide derision by modern medicine for the simple reason that it doesn't adhere to their principles of science. However, its efficacy was proven beyond doubt during the initial days of the Corona pandemic when it was Homeopathy alone which offered a path to resist the virus and control its spread. 

Now, the state health ministry has announced that 40 new Homeo dispensaries will be opened in the state soon. Through this, the government will fulfill its declared objective of having a Homeo dispensary in every panchayat. The dispensaries are being started with the cooperation of the local bodies and the National Ayush Mission. 

The new dispensaries will be opened in 35 panchayats and 5 municipalities. Kerala has been giving much impetus to strengthening its Homeopathy infrastructure. Of the 600 health centers that were upgraded to Ayush Health and Wellness Centres, 240 belong to the Homeo sector. Also, 40 of the 100 new Ayush Wellness Centres allotted to the state were Homeo centers. 

Recently, 150 institutions in the Ayush sector were given NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) approval and 65 of them belonged to the Homeo field. The government also plans to start a Homeo Women and Child hospital in Adoor shortly. 

AYUSH begins with Ayurveda and ends with Homeopathy. The field provides a simpler easier alternative to fight lifestyle diseases and maintain good physical and mental health. Homeopathy also plays an important role in addressing psychological issues among teenagers and overcoming their addiction issues. 

The addition of 40 new dispensaries will not only strengthen the Homeopathy sector but also bring further improvements to the state’s already impressive healthcare system. 

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