Ayush hospital owners and insurance company officials to come together and discuss insurance coverage for Ayush treatment

Following the Insurance regulator IRDAI directive to bring AYUSH treatment under insurance coverage just as other treatments, the Ayush ministry has decided to organise a sensitisation programme to facilitate the process. 

The programme, to be held at the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), Delhi, on Monday, will see CEOs and CMDs of general insurance companies and Ayush hospital owners brainstorm on the benefits and intricacies of integrating Ayush treatments into insurance coverage.

The directive of the IRDAI had come into effect on April 1. Presently, the process is on to facilitate the empanelment of public and private Ayush hospitals for insurance coverage in the country. The sensitisation programme is expected to boost this process and enable affordable Ayush healthcare to all citizens covered under public and private insurance. 

“This sensitisation programme will serve as a platform for insightful discussions, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities between representatives from the insurance sector and key stakeholders from the Ayush sector,” a ministry official said. 

The aim is to develop a networking relationship with all state and Union Territory government and private hospital associations linked with delivering Ayush healthcare, they said. 

Representatives of CEOs/CMDs of general insurance companies and Ayush hospital owners, officials of the IRDAI, General Insurance Council (GIC), Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB), National Health Authority (NHA), national institutes of the Ministry of Ayush, and national commissions of the Ministry of Ayush will be part of this programme

The programme is part of an Ayush ministry-led multi-level initiative with the ultimate objective of placing AYUSH treatment on par with other treatments under insurance coverage and providing policyholders with the option to choose the treatment of their choice.

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