Ayurveda defenders unite to combat vilification campaign

In an effort to counter the ongoing malicious campaign against Ayurveda, the Ayurveda Hospital Management Association (AHMA) has intensified its commitment to preserving the global acceptance of this ancient science of life and wellness. The resolution emerged from the Thiruvananthapuram district conference on Thursday, where leaders resolved to develop a comprehensive action plan to expose and resist the vilification efforts targeted at Ayurveda.

Expressing concerns over the concerted campaign by vested interests, the conference urged the government to enhance transparency and ease in regulatory rules, specifically highlighting the need for more straightforward procedures in Clinical Establishment Registration and Local Governing Body Licensing. This appeal seeks to ensure that Ayurveda practitioners face minimal bureaucratic hurdles, fostering an environment conducive to the growth and credibility of Ayurvedic practices.

The elected district president, C. Suresh Kumar (Triveni), and secretary, Ranjith R.P., are set to spearhead AHMA's endeavors in the region. Dr. Suresh Kumar, who presided over the meeting, emphasized the importance of defending Ayurveda against unwarranted attacks. The conference was inaugurated by Suresh Babu, an AHMA State executive member, reflecting a united front in support of Ayurveda at the state level.

As Ayurveda continues to gain global recognition for its holistic approach to wellness, the AHMA's resolution underscores the need to protect and promote this time-tested tradition. The association's proactive stance aims to safeguard Ayurveda's integrity and ensure that regulatory frameworks align with the principles of transparency, thereby bolstering the trust of both practitioners and the public in the efficacy of Ayurvedic healthcare.

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