Ayush Ministry’s warning against misleading advertisements

False advertising has always been the bane of traditional medicine in India, especially Ayurveda. Unverified and often malicious ads claiming miracle cures and panacea to all diseases have been luring the gullible for many years now. This is one of the main reasons why the traditional medicine sector fails to receive due respect in mainstream medical science. 

The Ayush ministry has finally decided to do something about it. Last week, the Ayush ministry issued a warning to all Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani, and homeopathic manufacturers to strictly comply with labeling and advertising regulations, failing which they could face legal action.

“Any misleading claim or advertisement in any form or on any platform will attract consequent legal actions by the competent authorities,” the advisory said.

Offenders include those claiming to be “100% safe”, “free from side effects”, “guaranteed treatment”, or “permanent cure”. The ministry also pulled up drug manufacturers who mention “certified or approved by Ministry of Ayush” on the label of their drug or product. 

The ministry clarified that it has no role in granting manufacturing licenses or approvals to any Ayush drug or product, and cautioned that any such claim on the label or advertisement will attract “consequent legal action against the alleged manufacturer by the Ministry of Ayush”.

While false advertising is not restricted to Ayush products and most of them get away after promising customers unrealistic results, the Ayush sector exists as an underdog in the market, which has to fight against prejudice and disdain, alongside other market forces. 

With the sector making rapid strides and gaining acceptance from mainstream medicine, getting rid of false advertisements making embarrassing claims is a step in the right direction required to protect the dignity of those who open their minds to include traditional medicine in their lives. 

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