Five surprising celebrities who endorse Yoga for a better life

Yoga has truly gone global. This traditional medicine/exercise has found a wide range of proponents from all strata of society from every nook and corner of the world. In India, a wide range of celebrities ranging from Bollywood actors, professional athletes, and business magnates have endorsed the benefits of Yoga. Quite a few from the West too have done the same, including Hollywood A-listers like Julia Roberts and Will Smith.

However, you realise the immense influence wielded by Yoga only when you come to know that these surprising celebrities too have adopted India's gift to the world as a quintessential part of their daily lives. (Data has been availed from the Ministry of Ayush X page)

Madonna - Madonna, the iconic American singer, underwent a transformative experience regarding fitness after the birth of her child, leading her to embrace yoga. Madonna views yoga as more than just a physical exercise; for her, it is a metaphor for life, requiring a deliberate, unhurried approach. She emphasizes that yoga not only strengthens the body but also nurtures the mind and soul.

David Beckham - Former footballer David Beckham has found solace in yoga, using it to alleviate post-football game pain. Embracing yoga as part of his fitness routine has proven beneficial for Beckham, offering not only physical relief but also mental well-being.

Jennifer Aniston - Jennifer Aniston finds solace and strength in yoga, considering it her go-to practice for both physical and mental preparation. For her, yoga transcends mere physical exercise; it serves as a form of meditation, grounding her amidst life's challenges.

Tom Hanks - Tom Hanks endorses yoga for its universal appeal and effectiveness in promoting holistic well-being. He believes yoga benefits both the mind and body, enhancing physical fitness, mental resilience, and inner peace.

Matthew McConaughey - Oscar-winning actor and producer Matthew McConaughey, aged 52, has been a dedicated practitioner of Yoga for several years. For him, Yoga is not just a physical practice but also a mental and spiritual journey. In one of his interviews, he discussed how Yoga teaches one to perceive the world beyond what catches the eye. 

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