NITI Ayog lauds Kerala Ayush as State plans to woo more tourists

The NITI Ayog has lauded Kerala for offering the best services in the Ayush system, said State Health Minister Veena George on Monday. This was according to a report prepared by the NITI Aayog team that visited Ayush health and wellness centres in Kerala as part of a nation-wide assessment. 

“The report reflected the increase in the number of patients registering through OP while mentioning the State’s initiative in organising Ayush medical camps,” the minister said. “It also appreciated the availability of full-time yoga trainers as well as clean washrooms in Ayush wellness centres.”

The state government has spent ₹532.51 crore in the Ayush sector over the last two years. New posts were created in the Ayurveda and Homoeopathy departments. The e- hospital system was also launched in the Ayush sector, the minister said. 

Meanwhile, the government ayurvedic hospitals are gearing up to attract more tourists by opening dispensaries and panchakarma treatment centres in major tourist locations. The plan is to include at least one centre in every district as a part of the project.

Officials said that dispensaries are being considered near major tourist destinations taking into account the availability of resorts and the presence of tourists. It is expected for tourists to seek treatment at dispensaries while staying at nearby resorts.

The project will be a join venture involving the health and tourism departments. Efforts are also being made to offer OP panchakarma treatment to tourists applying for an Ayush visa.

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