Why must you avoid coffee while practicing Yoga??

Most of us begin our day with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. But when it comes to practising Yoga, Yogis are often seen avoiding coffee from their daily routines. This is because coffee is a strong stimulant that gives a temporary energy kick but disturbs a lot of body processes. What might feel like a perfect start to an active day will be soon followed by feelings of anxiousness, jittery and dehydration. As yoga tends to the balancing of body, mind, and soul – for the utmost journey deep within, coffee is one of the things that a yogi should avoid. Here is why!

Disturbs the mental focus

Some people rely on coffee shots to heighten their energy before a workout. But this might end up as a downfall experience. With coffee, our mind is sure to stay distracted and discomposed due to the high dose of caffeine in coffee. Practicing yoga with regular doses of coffee might not give the holistic experience that yoga is.

Experiences trouble to sleep

A good night’s sleep makes you stay active and happy the whole day. And the experience only deepens with yoga into your daily schedule. Coffee – a reason for us all to feel awake and energetic in the mornings can break havoc on the sleeping patterns. Drinking coffee anytime in the evening makes you sleep deprived and creates a sense of tiredness too. For the perfect unwind and healthy sleeping patterns, it is best to avoid coffee!

Agitates a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Drinking coffee regularly alters the body needs, suppresses diet and keeps you addicted to sources of energy. It is an unhealthy habit that makes us feel energetic but does more bad than good. Drinking coffee in a lifestyle where you preach yoga does not strike the right balance of health. One has to avoid coffee to get their hormones balanced, focus on the asanas and experience change in shape.

Brings toxicity to the body

Yoga is a journey that detoxifies the body, unleashes mind stress and rejuvenates senses. The coffee having a Rajasic guna is known to be an obstacle in the path of spirituality and physical goodness. It brings in toxicity that disturbs the thinking process, challenges focus and keeps one agitated during the practice. Avoiding coffee allows the body to detoxify. When you are focused to lose weight, shape up or boost metabolism with Yogic practice – cutting down on coffee intake is the first move to make!

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