What to eat during Monsoons?

Ever wondered or bothered about eating according to the seasons? Yes, this is very necessary to maintain the optimum health of the mind, body and soul. Here, Ayurveda Vaidya, Dr. Jeena NJ, tell us about what to eat and what not to eat during monsoons when our bodies are most susceptible to diseases and infections.

The uniqueness of Ayurveda lies in the thrust it gives to the preventive aspect of diseases. It does this by giving importance to the different diets and lifestyle to be followed in different seasons so that we remain hale and healthy. Monsoon or Varsharithu is a time when the appetite is high and the human body is prone to a lot of diseases. During this season, dietary practices should be highly controlled to maintain the body’s equilibrium and to prevent the attack of any kind of diseases especially infectious ones.

The following diet should be practiced during this season:-

  1. Diet with a prevalent taste of salt and sour items are preferred
  2. Hot / Warm food
  3. Diet made of old grains of rice( especially unpolished ), wheat, corn
  4. Easily digestible food
  5. Vegetables like bitter gourd, brinjal, pumpkin, tomato, cabbage, onion etc
  6. Meat soup/Beans soup
  7. Preserved ghee ( Not freshly prepared)
  8. Honey
  9. Meat preparations which are easily digestible
  10. Fruits like grapes and pomegranate
  11. Hot water / rice soup or gruel for drinking
  12. Green gram prepared as soup or thin gravy

What to avoid:-

  1. Cold and refrigerated food
  2. Old food that is prepared and preserved for many days
  3. Sweet and pungent items
  4. Fruit juices and cold desserts
  5. Oily and fried food

Making the above modifications to your daily diet will definitely have far reaching outcomes on your health status. It will also lead to balancing of the three humors – vata, pitta and kapha – in the body. And hence, following a good diet plan as advised above during this monsoon season will makes our immune system strong. Hygienic and healthy food, prepared fresh and consumed warm promotes good digestion and leads to both physical and mental well-being in rainy season.

Dr. Jeena N. J., MD(Ay)

Professor & HOD

Shalakyathantra ( Head and neck)

VPSV Ayurveda College



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