Use these herbs, Get rid of stress!

Ayurveda is great at curing many diseases including stress. Here, we discuss how some herbs are effective in keeping stress at bay.

Stress is the order of the day and it can lead to many diseases including asthma, anxiety, hypertension and stroke. There are many conventional ways of treating this mental condition. Ayurveda is a healing method that connects the mind and body and hence it works very well for stress and anxiety.

According to Ayurveda, spending time with nature can reduce stress and anxiety and induces a sense of calmness that can help to bring things back to perspective. This is the concept of stress in Ayurvedic science. Some of the Ayurvedic herbs derived from nature can also  help us handle stress effectively. Let’s understand these herbs better.


This wonder herb also known as Bacopa Monnieri, is grown in the mountains of the Himalayas and has the power to regulate stress hormones and decrease the levels of cortisol. It also enhances memory and concentration level. Pregnant women are often advised to eat Brahmi as it enhances the mental, physical and spiritual body of both baby and mother.


This is consumed with tea or had as a paste. This Ayurvedic plant has a lot of detoxifying properties. It is a rich source of oxygen and can calm the mind. It also increases blood circulation in the body. Tea made from this herb can calm both the body and mind. This Ayurvedic plant has been known for its health benefits for centuries in India.


Jatamasi, also known as Spikenard, is another therapeutic plant. The roots of this herb have detoxifying properties and can be smoked or taken along with tea. The smoke of this plant is known to increase blood circulation in the body and improve brain functions. It is an effective tool in handling stress and related problems.


Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, is an Ayurvedic shrub rich in vitamins and amino acids. It is great in improving the vitality of the body and in tackling sleep problems. It calms down the mind and boosts energy and stamina levels.


Vacha is another Ayurvedic herb with magical roots that can help to cure various mental disorders and stress. It calms the anxious minds and controls stress levels and its triggers. On eating this herb, one can control stress levels and improve memory.


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