The bio-Intelligence of Ayurveda

Technology has made its mark in all fields and Ayurveda is no exception. Consultant Ayurveda surgeon, Dr Sharad Kulkarni, tells us how Ayurveda can make use of the latest advances in technology, especially by using bio-intelligence.

Technology is developing at such a rapid pace that most tasks that were once considered humongous and difficult have now become simple and easy. Technology requires very little human intervention and it is observed that in the most developed countries, robots have easily replaced humans in doing mundane functions like that of a waiter in a restaurant.

Yes, today we are living in an era of Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as AI, an era that has already replaced humans with robots for many traditional jobs. Also, we are waiting for a time when these robots will help us reach our far-away destinations in a matter of seconds. And, like all sectors, medical science too has embraced technology.

The use of smart technology in medical science is collectively called bio-intelligence. It is used for a variety of purposes such as examination of a patient, diagnosis of a disease and taking decisions on lines of treatment. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic medical system which focuses on the maintenance of the health in an individual.

Secondly, it believes in treating the disease and not the person with the disease. This science,thus, is enormously popular all over the world for its unique health management techniques. AI hence proves to be an honest effort to conglomerate bio-intelligence and Ayurveda for the benefit of mankind.

Bio-intelligence for predicting diseases

Imagine a situation when we will be aware of what diseases we will suffer from in the future. This is one way in which technology will revolutionize medical science. Improper diet and sedentary lifestyle are making people more prone towards chronic diseases. Let us now consider some of the bio-markers in predicting diseases early.

  1. Liquid biopsy test – a diagnostic tool to pre-determine tumor cells in the blood sample through AI algorithm.
  2. Determination of heavy metal toxicity
  3. Determination of premature aging

Scope of bio-intelligence in therapies:

  1. PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can be used for alopecia, premature aging,diabetic ulcers, etc.
  2. Stem cell therapy can be used for counteracting various diseases through the totipotency theory

Bio-intelligence and Ayurveda

Research in the area of bio-intelligence in Ayurveda is progressing at a fast pace and, if found to be successful,it will help reduce the occurrence of diseases in humans to a very great extent. Suppose, in a specific case, the bio-tumor marker count poses a slight threat to a person, then the detox therapies famously known as panchakarma of Ayurveda and the cleansing therapies of Yoga can be methodically adopted regularly till the count becomes normal.

This can also be clubbed with herbo-mineral preparations. The detox therapies are believed to have significant action on tumor markers and free radicals. Once the count falls, an overall change in the person’s health would become evident. This is as good as servicing the vehicle with different oils. However, good and timely servicing is no licence for rash driving or over speeding.


Ayurvedic therapies will become very useful once we are able to predict diseases in advance. However, this will be established only after conducting various research using technology. Sometimes, it is very difficult to conclude the exact mechanism of action of certain herbs or therapies even though the results are positive. Thus, even though the facts are established scientifically, they will continue to remain as mere hypotheses. So,there is tremendous scope here for unbiased research integrating bio-intelligence and Ayurveda.

Since it is evident that technology is progressing at a fast pace, medical science should also keep pace with it to grasp its crux and utilise the positive outcomes of technological advancements. This will eventually help mankind prevent the worst case scenario called the disease. Notwithstanding all this, Ayurveda will continue to remain a main stream medical system, especially when it comes to the prevention of diseases.

Dr Sharad Kulkarni      

BAMS, M.S., (PhD)

Consultant Surgeon (Ayurveda)

Jeevottama Health



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