suggest a remedy for Irregular Menstruation

I am writing this for my daughter. Her problem is irregular menstruation. She is 34 yearsold, of an average body and her menstrual cycle varies from 30 to 60 days. On periods, the blood flow is also irregular. She suffers from leucorrhea since last 8 months. She is married and has a son.

We had seen many advertisements regarding herbal remedies for this problem. I am not ready to buy such products since I am not sure about their efficacy. But we are aware that herbs can cure the problems in a better way, as they are of less side effects. Kindly help us with your valuable suggestions.

Lissy Philip, Chennai

Dear Mrs.Lissy Philip
The details about your daughter’s problem are not sufficient to prescribe. I think she needs some thorough evaluation. And I just wonder why you have not gone for a proper diagnosis of the disease. You may consult some good ayurvedic gynecologists or their allopathic counterpart in your place and seek advice. As you correctly judged, there are many effective and safe ayurvedic remedies for most of the problems like your daughter’s.

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