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Dear Sir,
I am a 38 years old male, vegetarian, of medium body type. I am working in advertising field. My problem i high blood pressure.

My BP occasionally goes high. This problem started since 2010 December. I remember, I went to hospital that time due to a head ache and a total disturbance on chest and neck region. After the diagnosis, my BP was found high, and it was 120/160 that time. I was advised to take a tablet for one month. And the problem found solved. But again after 4-5 months I felt the same disturbances and had the same tablet to normalize the pressure. The doctors assured me that I am not having any serious heart problem and I was advised to do exercises and lighten my diet by avoiding fried food. Except an occasional fever, I am not having any other diseases. In fact, my BP goes normal when I take the medicine, and again it increases after some months.
I guess my stressful career may be villain here. Due to my tight working schedules, it was difficult for me to follow their instructions completely. I want to cure the problem completely and moreover, I am afraid of the side effects of allopathic medicines. I hope you can help me with Ayurvedic remedies for my problem.

Thanking you,
Rajesh K,Karunagappally, Kollam

Hello Mr. Rajesh
Increased blood pressure is becoming a common health issue not only among youths but in school children even. Though there can be genetic factors that may predetermine the possibilities, the most often this is closely related to the individual’s lifestyle. Increased work-stress, inadequate rest, changing sleep-patterns, faulty diet, erroneous eating habits, lack of exercise and smoking are a few of the factors responsible for elevated blood pressure.

A permanently elevated blood pressure level increases the chances of heart attacks or brain strokes. And it is silent to start with. In your case, as you observe rightly, work-stress could be the reason for the fluctuating blood pressure. All medicines used to control BP have adverse side effects. And there is no meaning to change the system of medicine from Allopathy to Ayurveda if you fail to make basic changes in the triggering factors. So keep a close look on your present go and list out the triggers. Resolve to correct or modify them to the best level, and enjoy medicine-free life. If everything else fails, we can discuss about starting medicines. 38, I think, is too early an age to start BP medications.

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