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Holistic medicine is a point where Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy converge, along with the cutting edge knowledge of modern medicine under one canopy

seeitallHolistic medicine is a natural outcome of changing perspectives in the contemporary health-care domain. It is nothing but Integrative medicine born out of the realization that Complimentary Alternative Medicine makes good of the lacunas created by conventional medicine. When conventional medicine fails to address the undercurrents such as psychological as well as social and spiritual issues attached to the disease in question, integrative medicine takes into consideration these factors even to reach a diagnosis. When one takes to integrative medicine, the doctor forms a kind of partnership with the patient and the aim is to treat the mind, body and the soul at the same time. Such treatments are used along with mainstream medicine, of course, not as replacements or alternatives. It is observed that it is crucial to hold alternative therapies up to scientific scrutiny rather than dismissing them outright. Even finding about what doesn’t work can be valuable to the community. Here the aim should be to guide people away from quackery and dangerous therapies to the right direction. This side of the globe is replete with health-care philosophies, relevant to the local contexts of life- style, beliefs, culture and climate. Cultural beliefs woven into day- to- day life are inextricable. Doctors in Asia encounter such stone- walls in their daily practice, which are difficult to break into. People simply love to link food, water, air, and climate, religious rites, past life, planets and everything with a life event, birth, health, disease or death.

In India, the science of longevity, the Ayurveda, and the science that helps unite body, mind and spirit, the Yoga, are wholesome health sciences if you look at it in the correct perspective. According to them, everything under the Sun are bmutually contributory. The visionaries of ancient Indian sub-continent effectively utilized inanimate and animate objects, of herbal, animal or mineral origin and, of course, planetary influences etc. to maintain health and attain longevity. Doing so, they made it a point to maintain the delicate harmony of life with nature. Holistic medicine is a point where Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy converge, along with the cutting edge knowledge of modern medicine under one canopy. As we progress more into science and try to explain and fit everything into the rigid frame of science, we are forced to realize that we encounter more uncertainties. Let me explain this a little bit. To reach the point where we are now,we used the tools of science to reduce everything around us to its components. Like as in physics we reached a point where there is no possibility of going further with our sense organs. For e.g. when we study subatomic particles the existence of such particles could only be shown graphically. It is not possible to show an electron whizzing around the nucleus of an atom. We are forced to remove ourselves from the macroscopic world to understand this. What I am trying to say is at subatomic level, matter does not exist with certainty at definite places but rather shows tendencies to exist. To be more precise, science has shown us that matter (subatomic particles) has no meaning as isolated entities but can only be understood as interconnections with other matter or subatomic particles.

Quantum theory reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose or reduce the world into independently- existing smallest units. Let us be clear about the fact that as we penetrate into the matter, nature does not show us any basic building blocks but rather appear as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of the whole.

Similarly, a living body is not just an assemblage of its component organs but is an amazing wholesome transaction of all the elements with an unseen thread of life passing through each of them. So it will be foolish to explain life in terms of molecules and cycles, because it is not possible to emulate life if you assemble these molecules and to infuse life into it. Similarly it is foolish to explain disease in terms of dysfunction of an organ, cell or system only. So it is imperative that when you treat a disease, the person as a whole is considered instead of the diseased organ only.

Ayurveda as a health- care system promotes healthy living to prevent diseases rather than focus on curing manifest diseases. For this, it lays down daily regimes and seasonal regimes for healthy life.

seeitall2When you deviate from this path or if some mismatch occurs with your body constitution and your habitat, food or climate, diseases manifest. Here you either come back to the track or try to correct the mismatch with relevant changes in life –style, including food, sleep and exercise with or without medicine or treatments.

To reach a diagnosis we have all the modern tools of science, be it visualization or chemical, immunological markers of diseases. When it comes to treatments, you may go for modern medicine or may turn to Ayurveda or Yoga or Naturopathy as the case may be, or a combination of relevant modalities, but always in a wholesome way.

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