Say good bye to fear and laziness

There is no data that states when fear or laziness became a part and parcel of a man’s lifestyle. It is either fear or laziness and this attacks people either partially or wholly. Although it is found in different frequencies among mankind its intensity is seen to be increasing with time.

Not doing what we ought to do

If we don’t do what we ought to do, we will not be able to complete the things we ought to complete. This can leave us feeling frustrated and thus we are termed ‘Frustrated Buddies.’ This is mainly due to a lack of interest and laziness that can constantly leave us demotivated.

Laziness due to fear

Don’t be astonished when you hear that one of the root causes of laziness is fear itself. This is very true as it is the fear of failure that keeps us away from doing what we want to do. This is because we do not have the mental strength to accept failure. Those people who fear failure tend to be satisfied with their small lives. What most people don’t realize is that failure is the stepping stone to success and that one should take interest to understand this fact.


Procrastination is another sign of laziness. People who have ‘Adult Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder’ tend to put their heads in different things and are not stable. Later, later or tomorrow, tomorrow is their policy. They start things abruptly and with a lot of confidence. But once they face a setback they will never be prepared to go back to that same path again.

Tried several times

These are people who have tried something several times but failed at it over and over again. Ultimately, these people will reach a stage called ‘Learned Helplessness’. Finally, these people will feel that there is no use trying at it again and again. This thought makes them lazy and fills their mind with negativity. For these people, laziness and back biting will soon become a habit. And finally their life becomes topsy turvy.


We need to find a solution to fear and laziness since we all have just one life to live for. We should understand that all the time we waste, the energies we spend and our life span is something that we will never get back. To get rid of laziness we should indulge ourselves in ‘Laziness Eradication Therapies’. To get back the lost confidence it will be good to attend ‘Confidence Therapies’. And to get rid of fear and become strong ‘Cognitive Behaviour Therapies’ are a good option. Also, to strengthen the ‘ME’ power in ourselves we should attend ‘Assertiveness Coaching’. These abilities can be got with the help of a psychiatrist and also through our own efforts.

Since fear and laziness are known to be close relatives, we can remove them from our live with a same and single plan. The plan should be clear and we should be persistent about it. To achieve this end we should manage our time wisely. Reading motivational books and listening to friends who give motivational advices can be a great strength. This will help success come into our lives.



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