Rich dividends awaiting kids who follow precepts and practices of Ayurveda for physical, mental and spiritual well-being

By O.J. George


“Cheruppakaalangalil ulla sheelam marakkumo maanushan ulla kaalam” is part of a Malayalam poem emphasising the importance of childhood habits, which would not be forgotten till one becomes extinct.

Coming to English, impressions got imprinted in the minds during childhood last till one’s last breath. That was why poet William Wordsworth had quoted these lines in the sonnet, Rainbow,: “Child is father of the Man”, meaning positive images that get stamped in the child’s mind would survive till one dies. Early life- sustaining memories form the foundation of our adulthood and determine our personality. Pleasant associations in happy childhood function as the father or creator, or the architect of a mature adult, the man.

How meaningful such depictions are about bringing up kids in a positive, healthy and honest atmosphere free from manipulations and pollutions which are the hallmarks of a majority of adult beings!

There is not a day left otherwise than with reports about progeny perpetrating cruelty against parents who had nurtured them, brought them up facing great difficulty.

The son of a Mumbai policeman recently stabbed his mother several times and killed her and then left a note, “Tired of her, catch me and hang me”.

Also, murder of parents and a relative by a young man in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala had hogged headlines earlier.

Frustration can lead to aggression, especially in young people. Parents should pay close attention if their children have trouble controlling their impulses and emotions, according to counselors.

These and other such instances occurring almost on a regular basis could be the outcome of lack of training, guidance and instruction from early childhood. Kids learn many things from their parents and family members and those living in the immediate surroundings. That means there should be apt examples for them to follow through in life.

Religions as well as materialistically-minded dogmas definitely attach significant role for good upbringing of the child to enable it to bloom into worthy human beings.

Children, if reared properly, instilling traits of character and morality in their minds, would be an asset not only to their family, kith and kin, but also to the society and the nation at large in the form of good and reliable citizens who would discharge their functions with utmost integrity.

In this connection, one should note that Ayurveda principles and practices attach great importance to upbringing of children in the proper way, maintaining good life-style and ethics.

When Allopathy flourished immensely, it was true Ayurveda had a saga of step-motherly treatment for some time.

Now the situation has changed, opening up clear avenues for the propagation of the system of Ayurveda, the Science of Life, to enable young generations to catch up with the wisdom enunciated by sages thousands of years ago to pull on with life in ways of prevention and treatment of diseases sans debilitating side-effects.

Children could be groomed, conditioned and in a way tailor-made in accordance with the precepts and practices of a system that gives the elixir of life to them to lead a life with physical, mental and spiritual solace, which is lacking for many of them in the fast-paced world of ours.

The Government of India has formed the Ayush Ministry to provide sturdy backbone to the functioning of various streams like Ayurveda,Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani and Siddha, for propagation of Ayush systems of healthcare to enable people to propel through life in the most systematic and trouble-free ways at comparatively lesser expenses.

A unique step has been taken by the Government of India by appointing Ayurveda specialist Rajesh Kotecha, known as Vaidya (Physician), as the Special Secretary in the Ayush Ministry, which is a departure from the earlier practice of appointing a senior bureaucrat to the coveted post.

He is former Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar, who had also founded Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center, Jaipur, in addition to achieving various other accomplishments.

By appointing a leading figure from the industry, who had received the Global Ayurveda Physician Award in 2007, Ayurveda Ratna Award in 2008 and Padmashree Award for Medicine in 2015, to the top-brass of Ayush Ministry, it is clear the government means business to propel these streams to greater heights in the coming years.

Ayurveda and Health Tourism magazine has been striving hard to impress upon the world community as part of an awareness initiative about the special significance of the Ayurveda stream of alternative medicine. And this is a special edition highlighting the aspects enunciated in the system for grooming kids to all-pervasive health and for a rejuvenated life, which would pay great dividends for them all through.

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