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Simple breathing techniques can help women relax and handle their multiple responsibilities with proficiency and poise. Here,Dr Richa Chopra (PhD in Psychology), explains why it is important for women to pursue yoga.

The depth of Yoga’s understanding evolved over the millenniums in two ways. First it spawned a deeper understanding of the relationship between the individual body, physiology, mind and spirit and its relationship with health. Second, the philosophical understanding of the world and the cosmic order had clear prescriptions for optimal societies.

Yoga can be seen from a scientific standpoint as an engendering communication within the 70 trillion cells of the body and the cosmos, and realizing the nature of creation and existence.  This unfolds the purpose as well as the orientation of harmonious living (SvaDharma).  The practices of various traditions have a common goal of enhancing coherence in communication (Naadi and Chitta Shuddhi) that helps attain self realization.  Thus any Yoga education should encompass everything in the physical, social and cosmic domain. It is being increasingly acknowledged that the right practice of yoga based on traditional principles can become a boon for the ‘modern’ man. Growing awareness on Yogic practices and its contribution in the preservation, maintenance and promotion of one’s health is well acknowledged with far reaching benefits. “Yoga is more about harmonizing oneself with the universe. It is the technology of aligning individual geometry with the cosmic, to achieve the highest level of perception and harmony.”

Practice of yoga promises calmness, mental relief from stress – anxiety and provides hope, strength and courage to the individual.

Why yoga for woman?

It is not much about the choice of Asanas (Body postures) fitting into the daily regime of any young woman, be it a student or an entrepreneur or someone having just entered into starting a family life.

What is more significant is religiously creating a time for oneself and attending to the same in such a manner that the entire mind body-complex is totally rejuvenated and the spirits are recharged.

A daily capsule of 20-25 minutes –  embracing a few Asanas (Body Postures), Relaxation techniques (deep breathing, Shavasana etc), Pranayama and Meditation can be just enough to start the day.

The 12 powerful asana sequence embraced in Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) can have an impact on every system (endocrine, nervous, cardio vascular and muscular skeletal etc) within the human frame.

One can also pick a series of Asanas to one’s liking, ensuring that each asana is supported with a counter pose or a complementary pose.

The number of Asanas is not important but the maintenance of each of the posture, aligning it to the breath and practicing it with honor is what is pivotal.

Relaxation techniques are important and should necessarily be exercised after practicing Asanas for at least a couple of minutes followed by Pranayamas.

Pranayama or voluntarily regulated breathing techniques can help in enhancing the vital capacity of the lungs, diffusion ability at the intra and inter cellular level, channelizing the vital life force and thus bringing about a feeling of peace and tranquility within.

The Art of doing nothing is what Meditation is all about.

No matter how much of reading or watching videos can help you learn and truly experience the benefits from such practices, but, to be able to embark on such a powerful and beautiful journey each day, it is first important to personally learn the tools and techniques from someone who is well-trained from a reputed institute and is living it.

Dr Richa Chopra (PhD in Psychology) is a Sr Yoga and Meditation teacher since 2003 with The Art of Living, a non for profilt, humanitarian and spiritual organization, head quartered in Bangalore, India.

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