Red, Scaly, Itchy Psoriasis

The Ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis is to cleanse the body both internally and externally by controlling the excess growth of the cells in the body.

The number of people seeking medical treatment for skin diseases that are known and unknown is plenty. The adulteration found in food, beauty care products, changing lifestyle, climate changes, excessive use of certain medicines are some of the reasons behind this disease. Even though different medical treatments offer some of the best treatments it is difficult to control the increasing rate of skin diseases and this may be due to the ever increasing unhealthy lifestyles. Today,  life without pollution seems impossible. Skin diseases can occur due to genetic diseases, infection due to bacteria, due to low immunity, due to climate change, sexual diseases and allergy. All these diseases occur due to some basic faulty chemical reaction that happens in the blood.  This, in turn, affects the skin and related organs thus resulting in various skin diseases.

It all starts with itching, burning sensation, colour change, pain and then it leads to flaky skin that starts peeling and falling off. Eczema, Psoriasis, Lichen Planks, Erythroderma are some of the common skin diseases. Among them Psoriasis is the most common. Since the number of people affected by this condition is increasing by the day, so is the number of quacks who promise to treat this skin disorder. If we get a clear and scientific knowledge about this disease we can prevent ourselves from getting cheated by quacks to an extent.

When the immunity crashes

It is stated that one-third of the world population is affected by this skin disease. A number of people reach hospitals everyday to seek treatment for this disease. The dry flakes of skin scales resulting from the excessively rapid proliferation of skin cells is called Psoriasis. Even though the real reason behind this condition is very unclear, it is understood that it is due to a breakdown in the immune system of the body. The bruises on the skin, excess heat and cold, infections due to bacteria are some of the reasons for the increase in these diseases.

Usually, it is during cold climates that the symptoms of Psoriasis occur. Initially, this appears as flakes or scales on the skin that easily comes out or as reddish circles or spots around the skin in different parts of the body. In some it appears in small amounts around the nails and head while in some others it appears in an ugly manner all around the body. The main symptom of this disease is scratching and the name Psoriasis is derived from this word. Another symptom is the increase in thickness of the skin and flakiness when scratching the skin. This is more common among young people. If proper treatment is not done at the proper time it can lead to Psoriatic Arthritis. This can affect the basic movement of a person also.

Psoriasis and the Mind – How the two are related

All people are conscious about their physical beauty especially about their skin. So, people afflicted with psoriasis tend to have a low esteem, inferiority complex and they feel singled out in their community. Thus the quality of their life decreases. It is understood that skin diseases lead to mental disability and the vice versa occurs. This can be understood by studying a branch of medicine called psychodermatology. Hence psoriasis and other skin diseases need to undergo a treatment pattern that helps to calm the mind too.


Each medical system has their own treatment methodologies. The English medicines control psoriasis by controlling the excess growth of cells through medicines and applying ointments that can reduce the itching. In Ayurveda, psoriasis is treated differently. Here, the root cause of the disease is understood and thus the disease is nipped off in the bud rather than treating the symptoms as in modern medicine. Ayurveda does this treatment in different ways. It is either done through food, meditation, exercise, Panchakarma treatments and many other such procedures. The skin of various herbs, plants, flowers and trees are used for treating psoriasis. This  should be consumed either as a decoction, powder or tonic. Each person afflicted with psoriasis needs to be treated differently. No one treatment can be followed for psoriasis according to Ayurveda. Only when we can be sure that the blood reaches the muscles properly that we can be assured that the toxins from the skin are expelled. For this, exercise is very essential. Only disciplined exercise can help to reduce or cure all kinds of skin diseases. It is also good to select certain yogas that can help cure skin diseases. The first part of Panchakarma that helps to release toxins can be practised. Also, medicines that can energise different parts of the body as well as improve digestion can be had. Later, snehapana chikitsa can be practised to loosen the solid toxins. After this, blood flow can be energised through Swedana. Then, vamanam, virechana will help to expel toxins. Since this disease is greatly correlated to the mind, one should indulge in activities that will help to calm the mind. Different kinds of meditation and games can be indulged in for the above purpose. One should do activities that one thinks will suit them the most. Sometimes it is difficult to completely cure this disease. But above all, if proper diet is sought along with proper exercises and meditation one can control this disease to a great extent.

Control food, follow strict diet

In Ayurveda treatment, food is of great importance. It is good to avoid oily foods, bakery items, meat items so as to decrease the acidity of the blood. Also, food items that are hard to digest too must be avoided. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables can be had after removing the toxins from them. A few of these can be had when hungry.

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