Papaya leaves helps to manage dengue fever

In recent times, papaya leaves are seen to be very effective and useful in management of dengue fever especially in increasing platelet count in dengue patients with low platelet count and those who develop hemorrhagic dengue fever.

Botanical name – Carica papaya

Family- Caricaceae

Chemical constituents- Papaya contains a chemical called papain, which is commonly used as a meat tenderizer. Papain breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. That’s why it works as a meat tenderizer.

Useful part – leaves, fruit, seeds.

Dose- Seed powder= 0.5 gram, Leaves water decoction= 40-80 ml.

Uses- Papaya is used for preventing and treating gastrointestinal tract disorders, intestinal parasite infections, and as a sedative and diuretic. It is also used for nerve pains (neuralgia).

Action- Papaya seeds are collected and left to dry for a few days. When the seeds are properly dried it is powdered and then used in the accurate dose. Papaya leaves and seeds inhibits heamolysis. Platelets are very low in dengue and papaya leaves increases the thrombolytic counts. Papaya leaves also contain important nutrients, including vitamin A, C and E, that  support the immune system.

General Instructions for managing dengue fever:

  • There should be screens/nets on doors and windows.
  • Wear full sleeved shirts, pants, shoes and socks to keep body covered.
  • Use mosquito repellents.
  • Patient should be kept inside mosquito net.
  • Do not keep water in the open.

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