Pain in the eye? Ayurveda helps!

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organ of the body thanks to its special function of sight. Besides the constant contact with nature the cornea of the eye plays a significant role in the health of the eye and in focusing the image. This is the only organ that has the maximum supply of neurons, although it does not carry any blood circulation to nourish the same. The cornea majorly lives upon the tear film and air contact in front and aqueous humor behind. Any unhealthy practices of the eye can cause corneal disturbance resulting in severe pain and sometimes hyper-sensitivity to light. This is one major cause of pain in the eye.

In Dry Eye Syndrome or Dryness of the eyes the hypersensitivity of the corneal neurons cause a major symptom, i.e. Pain. Another cause of pain is the Increased Intra-ocular Pressure (IOP) that puts pressure on the corneal surface thus stretching the cornea, resulting in severe excruciating pain.

A third common cause of eye pain is Sinus Congestion. The sinuses form the nourishing bed of the sensory organs especially nostrils and eyes. A congestion in the sinuses causes accumulation of phlegm or dooshita kapha which in turn results in corneal dryness. Here, the tear film comprising the natural antibiotics, water and unctuous substance get derailed and sensitivity of cornea gets imbalanced.

Another not so common reason for ocular pain is the detachment of the retina which results in retinal nerve disturbance; uveitis and other inflammatory conditions that result in severe scleral infections and also seldom cause eye pain.

Before looking into the management let us examine the route of pain. Pain according to Ayurveda is a Karma of aggravated or KupitaVata.

‘Sramsa vyasa vyadha swaapa saada ruk thoda bhedanam

When thinking about management in any manner Vata needs to be pacified with Vatahara drugs although the Upachara ( modus operandi) may be different.

Dhara :

  1. In vatika netra peeda- Shigru patra swarasa and madhu .
  2. Eranda moolam and aja ksheera.
  3. In paithika netra peeda- manjishta,rajani,laaksha,draksha,arthi,yashtimadhu,utpalam – made into kashayam and sharkara is added on cooling and used.
  4. Dashamoola ksheerapakam.

Tarpanam :

  1. DasaMoola Jeevanthyadi ghritha.

Nasyam :

  1. Anu thailam. 

Pichu :

Eranda thailam


Kachooradi in jambheera swarasa

All the above mentioned medications in the management of ocular pain are being clinically used for the past few decades. These are found to be effective in the above mentioned conditions although pain in glaucoma needs monitoring of IOP. A pain management without considering IOP will be equivalent to attacking an enemy without a sword.

The Netra upacharas in Ayurveda is found to reduce IOP without the use of conventional anti-glaucoma drops.

The stability in managing the pain in Ayurveda in the long term is beneficial in killing efficacy of analgesics group.

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