Never store these foods together

When we shop for grocery, we seldom realise that certain foods should not be paired up with some others and there are scientific reasons for this. Let’s find out.

  • Cucumbers

Never pair these long green vegetable with anything else. They should stay alone. Storing them with melons, bananas and tomatoes leads to the production of ethylene gas which is a ripening agent. Cucumbers get spoilt was in the presence of this gas. So, it is good to leave them alone.

  • Pumpkin and Apples

These two should never be stored together as apples and pears make pumpkin bad and thus decrease their shelf-life. They are better stored in temperatures ranging between 50-55 degrees F. This way you can make your pumpkins last upto 6 months.

  • Onions and Potatoes

Onions make potatoes bad and hence it is not good to store them together as many Indian households do. It is good to store them in an open basket but separately. They should always be stored in a ventilated space.

  • Sweet potatoes, potatoes

Root vegetables can be best stored in paper bags but separately. Avoid putting them in the fridge as it tends to rot faster there. It is good to buy just small portions of this vegetable and it should be always stored in a dark dry place.

  • Apples and oranges

You might want to save your fruits together but it is best to store apples and oranges separately. This is because fruits release ethylene gas, which spoils things faster. It is best to store your apples in the fridge and oranges should be stored away from apples. Also, it is best to put oranges in a mesh bag to allow the air to circulate around them. Remove the plastic bag immediately to make them last long.

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