Nanocurcumin to revolutionize health industry

The story of Nanocurcumin starts with the story of turmeric’s poor absorption in our body.

Turmeric is an important edible and medicinal herb which has been used since centuries to treat several diseases like arthritis, pain, bruises, eye problems, gastrointestinal problems, worms, swelling, cancer and many more.

Curcumin, a low cost, non toxic active ingredient in turmeric is responsible for its characteristic colour, odour and therapeutic anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

However, due to its poor solubility, high metabolism and bad pharmacokinetics, it loses its efficacy in efficient treatment of the disorders.

To increase the productive use of curcumin, nanotechnology is being considered as a potential option. Chemicals modified by nanotechnology have been proven to be highly effective for drug delivery and targeting the required tissue with low failure rates.

Nanocurcumin is a modified form of curcumin in which the particles of curcumin are transformed into nanoparticles that are more soluble and deliverable in the body.

These particles have been shown to be more targeted to the tissue of interest that leads to better drug delivery and faster treatment without any wastage or side effects.

Potential advantages of nanocurcumin over turmeric and native curcumin

Following are some reasons why nanocurcumin may be considered better than turmeric and native curcumin:

Better absorption: Nanocurcumin is better absorbed by the body as compared to turmeric or curcumin which are majorly flushed out of the system once consumed. Of course we can increase the absorption by adding fats and black pepper to turmeric though it may not be able to match the properties of nanocurcumin.

Better targeting: Nanocurcumin is more targeted to the affected tissue whereas turmeric or curcumin dilute in the blood and reach out to all the tissues, leaving only a small quantity that actually hits the target tissue. This is something very special and may be extremely useful for disorders such as cancer which need very specific targeting.

Stronger effects: Nanocurcumin has stronger effects as it only targets the affected tissue. The effects of turmeric and curcumin wear off because of the lack of proper availability to the target. This is easy to understand – when we take turmeric it gets into our whole body, thus lesser availability to desired region.

Lower unwanted/toxic effects to other organs: Nanocurcumin prevents unnecessary side effects or unwanted effects to the organs other than target tissues because it is only directed towards the affected tissue, in contrast to turmeric or curcumin. Also, high dosages of turmeric for a long time can cause side effects. A targeted approach will of course require low dosages.

Lesser dosage required: Since nanocurcumin is more directed and focussed towards the target, only small quantities of it would cure the disease as compared to turmeric or curcumin that need a large amounts to be consumed in order to show a little effect.

Faster effect: Nanocurcumin shows a faster therapeutic effect as compared to turmeric or curcumin.

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