Marma Ayurveda Monsoon Treatment For a Healthier YOU, For Another Year!

Want to stay healthy throughout the year and not be disturbed by aches and pains that can trouble you during your daily activities? Then, look no further, Marma Ayurveda monsoon treatment is the right choice.

Monsoon treatment is a very comprehensive term which not only includes treatments for the body as per the Ayurvedic discipline, but also comprises of the life style, regimens and food habits one needs to follow in the weakest and most vulnerable period of the year.

The rain that cools the atmosphere after the terrible April-May summer, not only symbolises nature’s beauty but also brings along with it, a lot of communicable diseases. It increases the number of pathogens as well as carriers/vectors like housefly, rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches etc.

Monsoon is the time when the body’s immunity is at the lowest. So what one has to address, to stay healthy, is to purify/clean the external factors which trigger the spread of epidemics and also make one’s body capable of fighting diseases. The regimens and treatments of monsoon will help one enhance one’s immunity and make it strong.

What is Marmma Ayurveda?

As we all know, health is the balance of the following factors- physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. While Ayurveda, in general, mainly addresses the physical aspects, marma Ayurveda gives equal importance to all the above factors. Here, the energy channels between mind and body is addressed and this dramatically enhances the effectiveness of the treatments. So, in Marma Ayurveda, mind comes as a supportive factor to the healing process of the body.

Monsoon Treatments and Regimens

The monsoon treatments- which are done mainly during the month of Karkidaka (July 15th to Aug 15th approx) of marmma Ayurveda mainly gives stress on the following eight factors

  • Environment cleaning –pre monsoon

The surrounding environment should be cleaned prior to the monsoon and made free from all the pathogens and carriers which can cause diseases. Waste disposal is a very serious issue during rains than in summer. So steps should be taken to segregate and dispose waste from time to time in a proper manner.

  • Fumigation

The humidity in and around, along with moisture, acts as one of the major reasons for diseases to spread easily during monsoon. Fumigating the surroundings daily with herbs and medicines is advised by Ayurveda, to keep the environment fresh and germ free.

  • Clothing

Fumigating the place where one dries clothes will help keep them fresh and free of germs. One should take proper care to wear clothes that keeps the body warm. Wearing wet or slightly damp clothes will make the body more vulnerable to infections or diseases.

  • Food

This is one of the most important things to be followed. Monsoon makes the body weak so one should be careful while consuming foods that are difficult to digest.


  1. Deep fried foods
  2. Curd and butter milk. Butter milk can be had after it is warmed a bit with turmeric powder.
  3. Non-vegetarian food is not advisable, especially at night
  4. Raw vegetables and fruits.

Porridges made of rice, wheat and other grains are extremely good during this season. Water boiled with cumin seeds, coriander seeds or dried ginger should be used for drinking.

  • Regimens
  1. a) Avoid day time nap
  2. b) Avoid heavy physical exercises and activities
  3. c) Avoid going out in the rain and also at night
  4. d) Applying oil on the body followed by medicated hot water bath is advised.

6) Body treatment

Monsoon is the time when one’s body is weak and it is advisable to take medicines and herbs internally to increase the immunity during this period.

 7) Marmma Ayurveda treatment

Our body is also like a machine which needs proper care and timely maintenance just like vehicles and other machinery. Monsoon is the best time of the year for these treatments. Marma Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment helps to detoxify the body by eliminating all the accumulated metabolic toxins. Moreover, the following rejuvenation process will enhance the power and energy levels of the body.

8) Mental treatment

Heavy rains, overcast sky and lack of sunlight will all result in the drop of energy levels and lack of enthusiasm. So one should indulge in practices like spiritual reading and prayers to uplift the mood and mental energy.

In short, following regimens and treatment of monsoon will keep one fresh, energetic and healthy for another year.

Dr Manoj Chandrasekharan

Belongs to a family with rich tradition in Marma Ayurveda treatment and now runs his own hospital, MARMMA YOGI.




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