Marma Chikitsa Can Magically Remove Your Pain

Pain is the most urgent symptom to be handled in any type of health issue.  This develops due to multiple reasons like infections, injury, degeneration and many other pathological reasons and also due to certain physiological reasons.Here, Dr.Manoj discusses about how pain or ache in any part of the body can be managed by specific marma chikitsa.

According to  Ayurveda, pain develops due to the block of Prana at some level.Prana is the current of energy that infuses every cell of the body. Stimulating marma(energy points) directly taps into this reservoir of energy and promotes health.When Prana is blocked the flow of  other doshas, dhathus ,malas are also deranged . This results in multiple symptoms along with pain.

What is Marma

Marmas are the  junctures or meeting points in the body that involve mamsa (muscle), sira(blood vessels), snayu (ligaments), asthi(bone) and  sandhi(joints).  These  are specific areas in the body that have direct relation with various internal vital organs and  that is why stimulation of these points  are used to treat various disorders connected to different organs. One can regulate  the functions of the internal organs, doshas and dhatus through various marma points.  Such points can be used specifically for the diagnosis and treatment of pain and other symptoms. These points are also used for promoting health and longevity.


The  principle of marma therapy is very simple. It says, whenever and wherever a strong blow or injury can cause any disorder or pain, a mild touch can cause healing.

Touching a marma point changes the body’s biochemistry and can unfold radical, alchemical changes in one’s make-up. Stimulation of these inner pharmacy pathways signals the body to produce exactly what it needs. These include hormones and neurochemicals that help to relieve pain and also result in healing ailments. In short, marma therapy acts like a catalyst  by awakening  the healing power of the body.

During Marmma  therapy, mild to moderate pressure is applied on these vital points in order to stimulate them.  Mostly  hands and fingers are used to activate them. In some cases, special medicated herbal oils and herbal extracts are also used to activate these marmas.  This pressure removes the obstructions from marmas and helps the  flow of Prana in the proper way. Once the proper physiological flow of Prana is achieved, the doshas, dhathus and malas come into balance. Healing happens naturally by bringing vitiated doshas, datus and malas into balance.

Unique features of Marma therapy

  1. Low cost of treatment
  2. Medicines are rarely used
  3. Non-invasive technique
  4. Can supplement and go hand-in-hand with any system of medicine.

5  Quick result

Scope of Marma therapy

  • Muscular and joint pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Muscular strain
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Digestive and metabolic disorders
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress response, fears and phobias
  • Memory loss
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Lower back and neck pain

Pain management in Marma therapy

All pains are Pitta and Vata predominamt. So here, Vata-Pitta treatments are mainly used for pain management.

Types of pain

Vatika Vedana:-Todana (pricking pain), Bhedana (cutting/ incising pain), Tadana (pain due to blunt injury), Chedana (cutting/ excising pain), Ayamana (stretching pain), Manthana (gripping pain), Viksepana (pulling pain), Cumcumayana (tingling sensation), Nirdahana (burning pain), Avabhanjana (breaking pain), Sphotana (bursting pain), Vidarana (perforating pain), Utpatana (tearing pain)Kampana (tremoring pain), Vislesana (dislocating pain), Vikirana (radiating pain), Purana (distending pain), Stambhana (stiffness/ ankylosing pain), Swapana/ swapa (anaesthesia), Akuncana (spasmodic pain), Ankusika (anchoring/ hanging pain), Atimatra vedana (sudden excessive pain), Vividha shoola (different pain)

PaittikaVedana:-Osa (burning pain), Chosa (scalding pain), Paridaha (burning sensation all around), Dhumayana (sensation of hot smoke), Gatrangaravakirnamiva pacyate (sensation of touch by burning coal), Usmabhivriddhi (increased temperature), Kshate ksharavasiktavaccha vedana (caustic application over wound- like pain).

How marma therapy helps in pain management.

Based on the type of pain, marma points, medicines and therapies  have to be selected and administered. For example, in case of vatika pain, vatahara therapies, medicines and marmas have to be chosen.

Instant pain relief is the motive of marma therapy. Stimulation of marma can produce analgesia by secreting endorphins and other opoid-like substances which are hundred times more potent than opium. Instant pain relief by marma therapy is possible within no time.

Pain management aims at minimizing the distress, feeling of unrest and improving the quality of life. A cardinal point in the management of pain is that it should be holistic and patient-centered in its application. This can be fulfilled in the Ayurvedic approach only in terms of marma therapy.

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